Learning Modules for Grades K-1

Learning Modules for Grades K-1


Objective: Identify objects in the day and night sky

Video: Day & Night by Pixar

Planetarium Topic: What are the objects we see in the sky and when do we see them?

Demo: 1. Place the Sun and stars onto the day and night side of a piece of paper.  2. Place the full moon on the night side.  3. Place the cresent moon on the day side.  (use velcro to attach the objects onto the sky)

Handouts: sky.pdf, skyobjects.pdf


1st Grade

Objective 1: Recognize that the Sun, moon, and stars appear to move

Objective 2: Observe and discuss the importance of objects in the day and night sky

Video: The Moon (module 2) by Audio-Visual Imagineering

Planetarium Topics: How does the sky move?  What changes do you see?  Where are the stars during the day?  Can the moon only be up during the day?  What if there were no Sun?  What does the Sun provide for us?

Demo: 1. Place the sky/star disk, the Sun, and the moon between the two sides of a piece of paper that has been folded along the dotted line.  2. Use a brass fastener to bind everything together.  3. Note that the Sun and moon can move differently from the whole sky. (Note also that the Sun and moon can get "stuck below the horizon" and will need to be dug out.)

Handouts: skymotion.pdf


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