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April 22, 2015

Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library Serves Vital Role in Community

The Annie Merner Pfeiffer (AMP) Library at West Virginia Wesleyan College continues to expand its offerings for the Wesleyan community during 2015. The AMP Library plays a vital role in the academic success of Wesleyan students while also serving the Buckhannon community.

Members of the Buckhannon community have full-time access to the resources while visiting the library. Library cards are sold at $10 a year, and free for clergy, educators, and alumni.

“We want the community to take advantage of the offerings here at the library,” stated librarian Beth Rogers.

An extraordinary variety of resources, including over 110,000 printed texts and over 300,000 full-electronic texts, are available. Individuals have access to over 110 specialized research databases. Alongside the vast collection of print and electronic text, the AMP Library also possesses an impressive VHS and DVD collection for rent.

One of the most popular commodities taken advantage of by the student-body is the ability to rent study rooms in the library. “Renting rooms has become very common amongst students.  We typically cannot fill the demands because of how much our rooms stay booked,” stated Rogers.

The AMP Library has seen the exciting edition of two new programs which are now available to the Wesleyan and Buckhannon communities. Mango languages allows students the opportunity to learn and study from a selection of 64 languages. The program is not only useful for English-speaking students, but also for students learning English as a second language.

Another exciting addition to the database offered by the library is the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC). TRAC is a digital intelligence repository of research and analysis covering global terrorism, counterterrorism, and political violence.

“Compared to other schools our size, the offerings and resources to which students have access is quite impressive,” said Rogers.


For more information on the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library or its offerings, please contact Beth Rogers at

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