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August 22, 2014

Wesleyan to Welcome Second Largest Freshman Class in Ten Years

It seems the rising trend is students searching for liberal arts education, and the incoming class at West Virginia Wesleyan College is no different.  On Saturday, August 23, Wesleyan will welcome the second largest freshman class in a decade.

As of August 18, the new class is comprised of 467 students from 25 states and 9 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, North Ireland, Spain, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom.  Also, 148 members of the incoming cohort boast WV PROMISE Scholarships, which is 32% of all new students.  Forty-five class members are participating in the Honors Program, and 210 students will be participating in the College’s NCAA Division II athletic program.

These impressive numbers are a result of much hard work on the College’s part.  The Office of Admissions, as well as faculty, staff, and returning students, each played a part in the recruitment of the new class.

“Recruitment and retention are truly campus-wide initiatives at Wesleyan, and the collaborative work of Financial Aid, Academic Services, Athletics, Community Service and Leadership Development, Performing Arts, all of our faculty and staff members and offices, and the administration and President Balch is critical in helping Wesleyan students find their voice.  We look forward to welcoming this talented incoming class of leaders, hard workers, and committed citizens ready to make a difference in the World,” stated John Waltz, director of admissions and enrollment marketing.

Wesleyan is seeing some other additions this year, as well.  The College has added Petroleum & Natural Gas Geophysics, Social Justice Studies, and Pre-Drama Therapy to the list of offerings, as well as the return of the Bobcat Marching Band and a long laundry list of completed maintenance projects.  Bernie Valento, vice president for enrollment management, noted that total enrollment for the College is on the rise, as well.

“This fall, overall enrollment at the College is expected to surpass 1,500 students,” commented Valento.  “This fall the College is also excited to welcome approximately 40 members to its re-established Marching Band as well as introduce new majors.   Students will return to a campus that experienced more than $7.5 million dollars of enhancements including: comprehensive improvements to its School of Business, artificial turf and a new track for the stadium, renovations to Doney Hall and the soccer stadium.”

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