Mission Statement

Mission Statement

An Imperative Return to Founding Greek Values

Mission Statement:
To provide an out-of-class living/learning experience that will enhance the quality
of life for the Greek student, providing a wide range of opportunities for meaningful individual involvement and development.

Alignment with the College:
The document developed by the university learning outcomes assessment national report of means, states… “Students reporting membership in a fraternity or sorority score higher on critical thinking, diversity, citizenship, membership and leadership, and relationships than students not affiliated”. (Barratt and Frederick, 2008). Given the intensity of daily life and the range of developmental challenges that exist in a college setting, fraternities and sororities remain productive living-learning experiences. In 2003, the Franklin Square Group document espouse an effort to reestablish and reinforce the contributions Greek systems have made to campus life and higher education with five identified presidential actions and adds “That rhetoric will match reality when fraternity and sorority headquarters, host campuses, and students collaboratively implement and assess practices and policies grounded in a shared set of standards”. With the given suppositions, I believe that Greek life at Wesleyan supports the central mission of the college and embraces numerous goals that have been identified by the College’s vision and Student Development’s mission.

Distinctiveness and Vision Statement:
West Virginia Wesleyan College has had a long, rich relationship with fraternities and sororities. As an important component of the co-curricular programs for undergraduate students, Greek chapters have supported the central mission of the college by providing an out-of-class living/learning experience. Fraternal organizations have existed on the Wesleyan campus since the 1925 and have been characterized by a tradition of involvement and leadership in campus life. The College has been supportive of the ideals and goals of individual chapters as well as the Greek community collectively. The organizational ideals and goals promote personal development and a strong sense of identity with the institution. The ideals and goals include scholarship, leadership, community engagement, self-governance, and social skills development. The relationship between the college and the Greek community is one that should be and is mutually beneficial. Greek chapters enhance the quality of life for students on campus by providing a range of opportunities for meaningful individual involvement and growth. The life-long commitment to Greek organizations results in greater alumni involvement and service to the College.

The Implementation and Return to founding Greek Values and Principles
Unfortunately, the principles upon which Greek organizations were founded have eroded in practice over the last 200-year history of the college fraternity and especially during the eighties and nineties at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Given the problems identified, the Greek community at West Virginia Wesleyan College was faced with its toughest challenge in its seventy-three year history. Therefore, in the 2001-2002 school year, the college adopted an annual accreditation system requiring minimum standards in order for each organization to renew its formal college recognition by the college. The office of Greek Life identified thirteen aspects of Greek life that have been targeted for enhancement; these thirteen factors have become the foundation for maintaining a viable Greek system. The thirteen identified standards are integrated into the Presidents Cup points system as a way to document and measure the successes of each chapter throughout each year. The College believes that the successful accomplishment of the thirteen initiatives, along with the accreditation program, will assist the entire Greek community in realizing the important missions, values, and goals upon which each national fraternity was founded and in bringing the Greek community back in harmony with the central mission of the college.

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