Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

What is Physical Wellness?

   Getting regular exercise
   Maintaining good nutritional habits

How to achieve Physical Wellness at Wesleyan

   Utilize the WVWC Wellness Center
                                          Attend a group exercise class
                                          Learn about nutrition & workouts at an educational program
                                          Run/walk in a 5k


What is Intellectual Wellness?

   Continually learning and gaining knowledge
   Pursuing opportunities that offer different experiences
   Setting and achieving goals

How to achieve Intellectual Wellness at Wesleyan

                                            Attend a wellness program to educate yourself on positive changes
                                            Take part in a new exercise class
                                            Pay attention and learn in academic classes


What is Social Wellness?

   Interaction with others
   Expanding your social network
   Respecting others' values & beliefs while staying true to your own

How to achieve Social Wellness at Wesleyan

                                            Take a group exercise class
                                            Find a workout buddy
                                            Attend a program or event with friends
                                            Join a new organization on campus


What is Emotional Wellness?

   Having the ability to cope and adjust to challenges in a healthy way
   Enjoying life and staying optimistic

How to achieve Emotional Wellness at Wesleyan

   Take part in a program geared toward emotional change
                                            Don't be afraid to utilize the Counseling Center


What is Spiritual Wellness?

   Finding purpose and meaning in your life
   Defining values and beliefs
   Accepting the values and beliefs of others

How to achieve Spiritual Wellness at Wesleyan

                                             Attend a Yoga class
                                             Explore religious groups on campus
                                             Go to Chapel on Tuesdays at 11 a.m.


What is Environmental Wellness?

   Appreciating what's around you
   Having a place to go and clear your mind and relax
   Doing your part to protect your surroundings

How to achieve Environmental Wellness at Wesleyan

                                             Exercise in our facility
                                             Come workout after a tough day of work/school
                                             Go on an outdoor recreation trip

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