Your Rights and Reporting Options

Your Rights and Reporting Options

Title IX: Your Rights and WVWC Resources

 It is important to know your rights and the College’s responsibility to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.  This legislation prohibits sex and gender discrimination including sexual harassment and sexual assault.  It also includes other forms of interpersonal violence including domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  It is important to know that:

• Students are protected by Title IX regardless of whether they have a disability, are international or undocumented, and regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

• Students have the right to report an incident to the Title IX Coordinator, a member of the Student Development staff, an administrator, faculty member, or other trusted employee. Reporting an incident triggers an inquiry and the College is required to work toward a prompt and equitable resolution.  

• Students can talk confidentially to a professional member of the Health and Counseling Center staff or the College Chaplain.  These professionals provide important services and are not required to submit a Title IX report. 

• Students have the right to report an incident to Buckhannon City Police or other law enforcement agency to initiate a criminal investigation. When a report is filed with law enforcement the College still has a duty to respond promptly and effectively.

• The College has a responsibility to ensure student safety and will provide support services, implement measures that minimize the burdens associated with specific incidents, and take steps to assess and remedy potential risks to the individual and entire community.

• The College is required to publish disciplinary procedures for resolving complaints and committed to protecting individual rights in the process. Policies and procedures are disseminated annually and are also available at: 

• The College is responsible for communicating information about available resources on campus.  Information about campus resources are disseminated annually and are also available on these links to the College website:

View the Student Handbook

• The College is responsible for communicating information about available resources in the local community.  Staff members in each of the departments listed above can provide information about resources in the local community. Community resources are also available from the Title IX Coordinator and included in other resource materials.



Students and employees are strongly encouraged to report information about any incident of harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, or stalking. The first two options include privacy protection and require form completion (see document below) and submission to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator.

Individuals can report incidents to:

1. Designated Employees: This includes: Title IX Coordinator, Director of Human Resources, V.P. of Student Development, Assoc. V.P. of Student Development, Director of Athletics, and Director of Campus Security.

2. Other Employees: This includes: faculty and administrative staff members with the duty to report campus policy violations and misconduct.  This includes student members of the Residence Life Staff.  All employees have a community responsibility to report violations of misconduct that put the health and safety of community members at risk.

The third reporting option is a confidential one that is guided by professional ethical guidelines.

 3. Confidential Reporting: Professional members of the Health and Counseling staff and the Chaplain are confidential resources and not required to report specific information to the Title IX Coordinator unless there is a threat of imminent harm.

Initial Report Form: Interpersonal Misconduct Initial Report Form 2015.docx



Completed report forms are to be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator within 24 hours of receiving information. Based on a review of documentation interim steps, such as modifications in class or work schedule, No-Contact Directives, voluntary leave of absence, or referrals for support may be taken as an informal or formal investigation ensues.  Providing protections, remedies, and support for student or employee safety, well-being, and rights are a priority.


Training will be provided periodically each year in small and large group formats.  Training sessions will include: a) an overview of Title IX requirements; b) a framework for understanding dimensions of interpersonal misconduct; c) specific directions for form completion; d) recommendations for responding to individuals disclosing an incident; and e) a discussion of ethical dilemmas.  Participants will be provided a copy of the reporting form and other materials.


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