Campus and Community Resources

Campus and Community Resources


Below are guidelines to help you provide assistance to a person in need or to another caring, support person.

Determine if the victim is in immediate danger and assure his/her safety.  If physical safety is at risk, call Campus Security (304-473-8011) or Buckhannon Police Department (911). Provide a safe space until help arrives. If emergency medical attention is needed, contact 911. If non-emergency medical care is needed, arrange or provide transportation to St. Joseph’s hospital. If the victim presents with minor injuries, offer first aid and/or refer the individual to the Health and Counseling Center.

The victim has several options to consider and needs to feel that he/she is the decision-maker in this process. Individuals are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct and have several reporting options. Speaking with you as a campus representative might be as far as the victim wishes to pursue this incident. He/she might also decide to take advantage of the help/assistance of our Counseling Center. Another option is to refer this incident to the College Judicial System. Or, the victim might wish to seek adjudication through the legal system (please see the section which explains the medical examination process, which supports his/her decision to pursue the incident through the legal system).

Counseling Services: If the victim asks to learn more about counseling services or wishes to seek assistance in this area, we recommend taking him/her to the Health and Counseling Center.  You can help the victim schedule an appointment and/or the staff will provide additional information regarding the services available. 

Campus Process:  Others available for assistance to students are the Title IX Coordinator, Vice President for Student Development (304-473-8441), the Director of Campus Life (304-473-8441).  Employees should contact the Title IX Coordinator (304-473-8058) or Human Resources (304 473 8032)

Off-Campus Process:  Whether the incident occurred on-campus or off-campus, the victim should be informed that he/she has the option to report sexual misconduct to the Buckhannon Police Department by calling 911.

Other off-campus resources include Women’s Aid in Crisis (304-636-8433), which provides advocacy services for victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking. Women’s Aid in Crisis also provides a 24-hour hotline (1-800-339-1185).

Another off-campus resource is the Victim Services Coordinator (304-472-9699) who works in the Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and provides support and advocacy services for victims of sexual and interpersonal violence. 

In the case of a sexual assault, try to determine when the assault took place. Discuss the medical option of being examined by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

—if the assault occurred within 96 hours. SANE nurses are trained to provide compassionate care, conduct a forensic medical exam and provide referrals for follow-up care. The victim is not required to seek medical attention; however, documenting injuries and collecting evidence are important if the individual—presently or in the future—considers pursuing this through the legal system. Explain that showering, changing clothes, urinating, brushing hair or teeth, or drinking/eating can destroy valuable evidence. Tests will be provided for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and other services. If the medical exam is chosen, contact St.Joseph's Hospital or United Health Center for information.



On-Campus Resources:

Title IX Coordinator                             304-473-8058

Title IX Deputy Coordinator                  304-473-8032

Campus Security                                 304-473-8011

V.P. Student Development                    304-473-8441

Director of Campus Life                       304-473-8441

Health and Counseling Center              304-473-8100

Chaplain/Director of Religious

 and Spiritual Life                       304-473-8007


Other Resources:

Women's Aid in Crisis Hotline               800-339-1185

Women's Aid in Crisis                          304-636-8433

St. Joseph's Hospital                           304-473-2000

United Hospital Center                         681-342-1100

Campus Conduct Hotline                      866-943-5787

National Sexual Assault Hotline            800-656-4673

Buckhannon Police                              304-472-5723

Emergency                                         911




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