Making a Referral

Making a Referral

Here are some reasons for making a referral to the Health and Counseling Center.

1. You have observed some changes in behavior or mood that concern you.
2. The person describes health-related reasons for absences or poor academic performance.
3. You have helped as much as you can and further medical or counseling assistance is needed.
4. You think your personal feelings will interfere with your ability to be helpful.
5. The person admits there is a problem, but doesn’t want to talk to you about it.
6. The person asks for information or assistance that you are unable to provide.

Here are some guidelines/recommendations to consider:

  1. Be thoughtful about when, where, and how you discuss your concerns. Also, think about the nature, duration and severity of the problem.
  2. State your reason for the referral.  Emphasize your concern and provide specific reasons for the referral.  Examples: describe what you observe, describe your limitations, talk about the benefit of seeking additional resources.
  3. Talk about specific resource people and the variety of services available.  Keep a Health and Counseling Center pamphlet handy or use the Quick Links on the WVWC homepage.

  4. Tell the person what to expect and suggest a couple of ways for them to make a contact.
  5. Ask if he/she is willing to make a contact and which option is preferable.   If the person is unwilling, ask if he/she is willing to discuss the reasons for not making a contact.  Ask the person to consider what would have to change before making the contact. 
  6. Express support for the person’s decision, re-emphasize your concern, and mention that you will check on him/her soon.
  7. Talk with one of our professionals in the Health and Counseling Center to get support and recommendations.



If you want to know if a student you referred came to the Health and Counseling Center ask the person directly.  You can also call the Health and Counseling Center and we will make a judgment based on the specific circumstances.  We need to balance your inquiry with the issues of privacy and confidentiality.

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