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Recruitment Information


Benefits of Greek Life

Friendship- The fundamental principle of fraternity/sorority membership is more than a social outlet; it is a feeling of belonging. Being a pledge or new member is only the first step on the road to a lasting brotherhood/sisterhood. Fraternities and sororities give the individual a home away form home in which one can live, work, study, and enjoy life together.

Greeks Build Leaders- A fortune magazine study of the major officers of 750 large United States corporations states that over 70 percent of the officers who went to colleges and universities where there were Greek systems belonged to fraternal organizations. The majority of Senators in 93rd Congress were fraternity members, and the current edition of Who’s Who in America indicated more than 11,000 listings of fraternity members.

Lifetime Membership- Upon graduation from college, you may be saying good-bye to Wesleyan, but fraternity and sorority activity has only just begun. Through national offices, members keep up to date on fraternity/sorority events and members. Wherever you may go after graduation, there is sure to be a local Alumni Association to help you keep an active role in Greek life. You may even choose to become an active alumnus by being a collegiate advisor, or the highest honor, a national officer. Fraternities and sororities are a lifetime membership with the connections and privileges that extend to wherever a brother or sister may be.

Community Service- Fraternities and sororities stress service projects both on campus and in the community, and include a combined total of over 4,000 hours complete annually. This past year, the Greek Community came together to participate in Christmas on Campus, Katrina Relief Fund and Buckets, as well as numerous clothing and food drives for the local Parish House.

Retention- A U.S. Government study reports that only 40 percent of non-member students “persist to graduation” compared with 59 percent of the students belonging to fraternal organizations.

Social Life- Each Greek organization has its own set of social events, but they also work together to provide entertainment through the Greek governing bodies, Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council. The Greeks also compete throughout the year in intramural sports including football, basketball, softball, and volleyball.


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