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Parent Information


A Parent's Perspective

My son/daughter needs to develop skills outside the classroom. Are there any opportunities?
Opportunities for leadership and the development of interpersonal skills can be found in the Greek Community. Students have the chance to test themselves in the supportive atmosphere of an acceptance group as they learn new skills and practice them before facing the challenges of the real world. These skills will enrich their total life experience and prepare them for leadership and fulfilling relationships as adults.

Will the cost of membership be an added burden?
Cost of membership varies among groups but does not add measurably to the cost of campus life. All chapters are supported by dues. After some one-time costs in the first year, these dues are the only expenses. Where housing is available, costs are cheaper than other campus options.

What about all the negative things I've heard about, like wild parties, substance abuse, and hazing?
Unfortunately, the positive side of Greek life is often not deemed newsworthy. Greeks are involved in community and campus service, contributing countless hours and financial resources to their environment. Greek groups are often leaders in bridging gaps in their communities by reaching out to varying educational and age groups. Their tireless energy and fresh approaches help in solving many campus and community problems.

Is there any practical benefit of membership?
Many immediate benefits are received through fraternity membership, including numerous leadership possibilities, academic encouragement and several philanthropic opportunities. However, the bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood mean that your son/daughter will have intergenerational friendships, support when he/she moves to a new community or even a foreign country, and career networking possibilities throughout his/her life.

My son/daughter is going to college to get an education. How will Greek membership contribute to this goal? 
Every Greek group has scholastic standards for its membership. New members are encouraged in their academic endeavors by both their peers and alumnae advisors. In addition, rewards for exceptional achievement include scholarships form individual groups, campus awards, and chapter recognition.

My son/daughter will make friends in his/her residence hall and classes. What would be different about Greek friends? 
College friendships will last a lifetime because they share the unique experiences that make them adults. Residence hall and class friends will enrich their lives. However, friends who share the Greek experience will remain deeply committed to each other throughout life because they will share a ritual based experience that no one else can understand.

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