Title III Mini-Grants

Title III Mini-Grants

Mini-grants for summer or vacation stipend will be available for faculty members to dedicate time to revise course offerings and design new pedagogy. All mini-grants must be reasonable and necessary to move the college toward achieving the goals and objectives of this program. To secure a mini-grant, the Mini-Grant Proposal Form must be submitted to the Center for Teaching and Learning Coordinator two weeks prior to the proposed activity. The proposal form should be accompanied by rationale and evidence from course syllabi, course evaluations and course assessment demonstrating that course development could positively impact student learning and engagement. Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee, who will render final funding decisions. The following factors will be considered in funding decisions:

1) Potential to impact student learning and engagement

2) Potential to reach a large number of students

3) Potential to develop teaching strategies and new methods of delivery

4) Potential for collaboration and communication between faculty members

5) Course must be scheduled to be offered within one year from the completion of the mini-grant

Upon completion of the mini-grant, faculty members will be required to submit the Mini-Grant Report Form, along with an updated course syllabus. Additionally, the Mini-Grant Impact Report Form detailing the impact the mini-grant had on student learning and engagement in the classroom, as evidenced by course evaluations and course assessment must be submitted within 30 days following the completion of the semester in which the updated course was taught.

Faculty completing Mini-grants will be paid $1500. $1000 will be paid upon submission of the Mini-Grant Report Form and updated syllabus and the remaining $500 will be paid upon submission of Mini-Grant Impact Report Form, accompanied by course evaluation and course assessment. Failure to properly follow the mini-grant policies and procedures will result in an individual no longer being eligible for further minigrant funding. Mini-Grant Steps

Step 1: Complete Mini-Grant Proposal Form with syllabus, course assessment, course evaluations attached.

Step 2: Redesign course

Step 3: Submit Mini-Grant Report Form with revised syllabus at completion of stipend period

Step 4: Teach redesigned course Step 5: Submit Mini-Grant Impact Report Form with final syllabus, course assessment, and course evaluations within 30 days following the completion of the semester in which the redesigned course was taught.



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