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For Students


What General Education courses do I have to take and when?

  • You should begin taking General Education courses your first semester at Wesleyan. If you take a couple of Gen Ed courses each semester, you may complete these requirements by the end of your Sophomore year.
  • However, some students prefer to spread these courses through out their college program, so it's fine if you're still taking General Education courses your Junior, or even Senior year. Your Academic Advisor will assist you in designing a schedule, including Gen Ed requirements, that is best for you.
  • It's okay to begin General Education courses at the 100-level, but in your sophomore year, at least, you should enroll in some 200-level courses so that you experience content at a deeper level.
  • If you are undecided about which major to pursue, select General Education requirements that help you explore possible areas of interest. By “trying out” some of these academic disciplines, you may discover your passion, or at least determine a major you want to complete.

Click here to view the Check Sheet of course choices for your General Education requirements.


So… why do I have to study all this stuff that isn’t part of my major?

  • Your parents (and others) expect you to learn a lot of different things in college. The General Education requirements ensure that you receive the foundation of what college-educated adults should know and that you have a broad, balanced education.
  • Employers want to hire graduates with strong skills in oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, etc. in addition to the technical abilities developed in a major. General Education prepares you to be a critical thinker, an effective communicator, and a problem solver.
  • Students have been known to discover a surprising love for an area of study in General Education that changed their entire career plans.
  • Besides, it's good for you! General Education helps you develop a wide range of interests, skills, and knowledge. It prepares you for career success and personal fulfillment in our rapidly changing world.
  • The Bottom Line: The General Education curriculum helps prepare you for life as an effective professional and a productive citizen!

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