Assessment of General Education

Assessment of General Education

West Virginia Wesleyan College’s General Education Program seeks to prepare students for their lives and vocations through four skills-based developmental goals.  Each goal is met via a combination of required courses and distribution options.  Wesleyan wishes to graduate students who are able to:

  1. Think Critically and Creatively
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Act Responsibly; and
  4. Demonstrate Local and World Citizenship Through Service

These four goals are met through courses in the specific subject areas as listed in the Cycle 1-Cycle 3 columns below.  Wesleyan’s “Connections” Curriculum thus encourages students to use their General Education coursework to develop integrated skills in a variety of contexts, and across subject areas.

General Education Learning Outcomes (PDF 834KB)

General Education Three-Year Rotating Cycle of Assessment

Each general education cycle is reviewed by Assessment Council on a 3-year rotation, for the purposes of effective program design/administration and meaningful assessment of student learning. The cycles and first two scheduled review years appear below:

Cycle One Cycle Two Cycle Three
  1. Written Expression
  2. Cultural Studies (U.S. / International)
  3. Physical and Mental Well-Being
  4. Experimental Inquiry
  1. Aesthetic Expression
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Quantitative Inquiry
  1. Oral Expression
  2. Humanities
  3. Religious and Philosophical Inquiry
2014–2015 (initial) 2015–2016 (initial) 2016–2017 (initial)
2017–2018 2018–2019 2019–2020

For the 2014-2015 summary report on Cycle One assessment, use this Blackboard link to the Center for Teaching and Learning (new window)

General Education Course Evaluation Form (for faculty) (DOCX 25KB)

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