Social Justice Studies

Social Justice Studies

Based in sociology, social justice is an interdisciplinary major that explores the realities of justice and injustice, focuses on disenfranchisement found in current policies, and evaluates advocacy movements and social change. Practical experience in the field is encouraged through internships and research. 

The Social Justice Studies program is committed to promoting an ideology of inclusiveness, equality, and social change. We are committed to producing students who recognize that poverty, environmental degradation, economic exploitation, war, and social inequalities are conditions that negatively impact the human experience. The program functions to produce students who seek to change these conditions.

Experiential Learning

The Social Justice Studies program bridges the gap between theory and practice by requiring students to be involved through: internships, service, research, and/or study abroad. View information about our study abroad offerings here:

After Graduation

Social Justice Studies prepares students for careers with: Non-Governmental Organizations, Non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, human rights groups, advocacy organizations, and many others.

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