Department of Theatre and Dance

Department of Theatre and Dance

The Department of Theatre and Dance features bold programs that allow our artists a wide variety of performance opportunities as well as the quality and breadth of knowledge that is the hallmark of a private liberal college education. Auditions are open to all students, and casting policies allow a first-semester freshman to land the lead role in one of our shows, if that student is ready for that role.

Class sizes are small (2:1 student/teacher ratio in advanced acting classes), and a major emphasis on marketing skills ensures that our graduates have an edge over the competition in the marketplace. An all-encompassing approach to the various theatrical philosophies teaches the student the vital techniques, methods and terminology that will allow the artist to work well with anyone in the industry, increasing the artist’s knowledge of the craft, as well as marketability.

The Department of Theatre and Dance produces 3-5 mainstage plays, 3-5 studio shows, 2-3 dance concerts every year, and we shoot a video movie every other year for experience in front of and behind the camera. Of these opportunities, at least two shows are musicals, every other year we present a period piece (Shakespeare, Moliere, etc.), and, best of all, there are no graduate students to take the best roles! After a show closes, individual critiques of each performance by ALL the theatre faculty are available.

The faculty also offers individual coaching for audition and tech presentation opportunities, since we want our students to work professionally as soon as possible. Students participate in various off-campus conferences and conventions, including the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and the Southeastern Theatre Conference, which provide internship and professional opportunities. Our working faculty has developed numerous connections to help you start your career!

Five-year MBA program in Arts Administration/Theatre track; BAs in Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts (Acting/Directing or Technical Theatre/Design tracks) and Arts Administration/Theatre track.

Wesleyan offers performing arts scholarships to entering students that range from $500 and up per year. These awards are competitive, and can be stacked on top of academic scholarships that are offered by the College. Recipients are not required to major or minor in theatre arts, musical theatre, or dance but must fulfill contractual obligations to the department. Audition dates are posted along with sign-up information. For more information, or if you cannot attend the specified dates, you may contact the Office of Admission at 800-722-9933.

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