Philosophy—literally, “love of wisdom”—engages the enduring questions of Western culture: What is Truth? What are our obligations to other people? What is Reality? How should we decide among different solutions to these problems? Raising and assessing critically influential answers to such questions is fundamental to all courses in philosophy. Philosophy courses help students develop their own perspectives on these topics while sharpening critical thinking skills. Philosophy students often compliment their coursework in philosophy with an additional major. Some career choices Philosophy majors and minors pursue include law, medicine, theology, writing, and teaching.


Religious Studies

Understanding the power of religion and spirituality has become a pressing need in our contemporary circumstances. Religions offer answers to “the big questions” about the purpose of life. Majoring in religion readies students to interact intelligently and knowledgeably about religion and its impact in social life and in the areas of politics, science, history and culture.  The major or minor is also appropriate for persons preparing for further theological study and church-related vocations. Double majoring is an exciting interdisciplinary option. Recent religion majors have also majored in Accounting, Computer Science, History, Literature, and Philosophy.


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