Gender Studies

Gender Studies

What Is Gender Studies?

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws on expertise from critical scholarship. A study of gender as one of the primary categories through which social relationships are organized reveals the political functioning of relations of power, and the ways in which individuals negotiate those relationships within their specifically contextual locations. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, Gender Studies recognizes the capacity for knowledge production to be transformative in the functioning of both daily lives and institutional practices.

About Our Program

Gender Studies at West Virginia Wesleyan College incorporates a continually evolving curriculum of vibrant course offerings across a wide range of disciplines. Taking courses in Gender Studies equips students to analyze systems of power using an intersectional approach that takes seriously experiences of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, and religion. The rigorous approach to research within the interdisciplinary program of Gender Studies has resulted in students formally representing the college at regional research conferences, and successfully continuing to graduate school in diverse programs of graduate study. Course work in Gender Studies focuses on events, movements, people, and politics both historical and contemporary; irreverent and sacred; creative and practical; canonical and obscure.

Gender Studies Major & Minor

Gender Studies is a quickly growing program at WVWC. Both in the number and variety of courses offered and in the number of students pursuing a minor, the program maintains a dynamic presence on campus. Beyond their course work, students of gender often participate in events by representing the college at regional conferences, presenting their research in campus-wide forums, and travelling to Lobby Day in Charleston. In addition, Gender Studies students have been instrumental in establishing and sustaining campus organizations that support the theoretical work they do in the classroom. The intensive focus on a specific area of research during the senior year combines students' expertise from their major disciplines with the application of a gender lens, sharpening analytical and research skills, while providing students with the range of skills necessary to succeed in graduate and professional work.

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Course Offerings

A complete list of course offerings and descriptions is available in the Gender Studies Handbook.


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