Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Whether you are a prospective student, faculty colleague, friend or alumnus, I appreciate your interest in our graduate programs. Our Master of Science in Nursing program with concentrations in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration provides education in keeping with the college’s mission and traditions of excellence. Classes are small and intimate, and faculty and students collaborate ascolleagues to help all learners achieve their personal career goals. Please visit the School of Nursing's Graduate Programs page to get complete information about the Master of Science in Nursing program.

We are committed to preparing our students to embrace a myriad of opportunities as nursing continues to be a "growth profession."  Increasingly, nursing is a discipline in which people may have multiple varied careers over a lifetime without ever leaving the profession. With advanced degrees, you can be a teacher of nursing in a college, university, or hospital-based nursing education department; a nurse executive in virtually any kind of health care-related entity; a nurse researcher in a university or health-related corporation; or an advanced practice nurse with specialty preparation as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Our broad-based MSN curriculum creates graduates with multiple skills to advance the science of nursing education, nursing administration or advanced practice nursing while preparing you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Program Learning Outcomes

Human Thriving

Exemplifies humanism through valuing and facilitating full human development via partnerships with individuals, families, communities, and populations. Demonstrates respect for the dignity and uniqueness of others, valuing diversity, integrity, humility, self-determination and the capacity for grace and empowerment. Functions as leader and change agent in one's specialty area of practice; creates systems that promote human thriving.

Scholarly Inquiry

Demonstrates scholarly inquiry and reflection that exemplifies critical, creative thinking with the skills necessary to transform knowledge into evidence-based practice; communicates this information effectively to others. Contributes to the science of nursing in one's specialty area of practice by analyzing underlying disparities in knowledge or evidence; formulating research questions; and systematically evaluating the impact of quality when evidence-based solutions to nursing problems are implemented.

Professional Identity

Demonstrate continued professional behavior through leadership, education, mentorship, collaboration, or participation in professional organization. Implements one's advanced practice role in ways that foster best practices, promotes the personal and professional growth of oneself and others, demonstrates leadership, promotes positive change in people and systems, advances the profession.

Nursing Role

Assumes a leadership role in the management of human, fiscal, and health care resources to improve nursing practice, nursing education, and/or nursing administration; functions effectively during conflict and change. Makes judgments in one's specialty area of practice that reflect a scholarly critique of current evidence from nursing and other disciplines and the capacity to identify gaps in the literature and formulate research questions.

MSN Core Concept I: Context /Connections

Awareness and sensitivity to diversity and global health issues; applies ethical/legal/regulatory considerations in caring for person of diverse populations; and dedicated to facilitating a healthy work environment for all.

MSN Core Concept II: Commitment to Nursing Science

Professional courage to improve the care of individuals, families, and communities as well as assuming a leadership role in knowledge development that supports evidence-based practice.

MSN Core Concept III: Caring

Promoting health, healing and hope in people in response to human conditions.

MSN Core Concept IV: Quality/Safety

Striving to minimize the risk of harm to others; assuming a leadership role in managing healthcare resources; and providing for a culture of safety.

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