Academic Standards

Academic Standards

MBA courses are graded A, B, C and F.

Students must repeat a course in which they receive an F. Students who earn two Fs will be expelled from the program.

Any student receiving a C or F in a course may, at the student's discretion, repeat that course. While the original C or F will remain on the transcript, when the course is repeated satisfactorily, the C or F shall not be counted further in calculating the GPA.

If a student making a passing grade cannot complete work in a course because of illness or other emergency, an I (Incomplete) shall be entered temporarily on the record. A course recorded as incomplete must be completed within the next ensuing semester except when an extension of time is granted by the instructor and Program Director. Otherwise, the I shall automatically convert to an F, or such other grade as the instructor assigns based on work actually completed.

The above academic standards will guide all policy decisions; however, special circumstances may be petitioned to the MBA Academic Standing Committee.

To graduate, students must attain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in all courses applicable toward the MBA degree and on all MBA courses completed at Wesleyan.

Also, students are expected to do superior work, and hence must maintain a 3.0 (B) grade point average (GPA) to remain in good standing. Any student whose GPA falls below 2.75 after attempting twelve or more semester hours of course work will not be in good standing and will be on academic probation. A student will be given an additional nine hours in which to raise his or her GPA to 3.0.

The student who fails to attain the 3.0 GPA during this probationary period is subject to dismissal from the Program. Dismissal may be appealed to the Dean of the College. West Virginia Wesleyan College reserves the right to require students to withdraw if their academic work proves unsatisfactory (i.e., below 3.0 average) or if their presence is determined by the College's administration to jeopardize in any way the ideals and standards of the College.

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