Where is the Writing Center?

The WVWC Writing Center is located on the second floor of the English Annex in Room 20.

How does one arrange a consultation?

Students may make appointments if they wish by calling extension 8854 or by E-mailing the Writing Center at writing_center@wvwc.edu. Appointments, however, are not required, but a student with an appointment takes precedence over a student who walks-in: students may stop by at anytime and work with a consultant as long as he or she is not already working with a student.

How long is a session?

The ideal session lasts 30 minutes; however, more in-depth writing requires more time. Some pieces, such as theses or other major writing assignments, may require a longer session. Consultants will work for over 30 minutes with students when the Center is not busy, if the student so desires. Students with major assignments may choose to make appointments for later that day or evening and come back after some of the changes are made so that other issues can be addressed.

What should a student bring?

Students should bring the assignment sheet from the instructor. Some of the best sessions take place when students bring the specific instructions so that the consultant can best see if the student is on track with what the assignment is asking for. If a student has a referral form from his professor, he should bring this too. Also, students should bring any other handouts given by the professor as well as any material already written on the topic. Students do not have to have a completed draft to visit the Center. The consultants are more than happy to work with students who are beginning a draft. The Writing Center Staff encourages students to come in early in the process so that the consultants can help the students through the entire writing process. Consultants are trained to look at more aspects than grammar when it comes to writing. Laptops also may be brought to the Center; however, we ask that students print copies of their papers before bringing them to the Writing Center. Working with a hard copy of the paper is easier for the consultant and student.

What should a student expect in a consultation?

Students should not expect the consultant to judge or give an idea of a grade for the paper: only a professor can grade the paper. Students should expect to be greeted in a friendly manner and to have the complete attention of the consultant. Consultants will look over the entire paper and look at ways of improving the paper through revision of content and structure through helping give ideas and approaches to editing and fixing grammar. Consultants will not edit or proofread papers. The goal of the Center is to make better writers, not just better papers.

What kinds of writing can the Writing Center help students with?

The Writing Center will work with students on any kind of writing from freshmen composition through senior research papers. Writing consultants also can help with graduate school essays and letters of intent for jobs.

Can students drop off a paper and pick it up later?

No. Students are required to stay for the entire session. The consultation is designed to be a collaboration between the student and consultant where the consultant guides the student to find the answers for himself or herself.

Who are the consultants?

Writing consultants are student peers from a variety of majors who have exhibited skills in writing. See the staff page for more information about the consultants.

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