Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Academic Services supports the mission both of the institution and the Student Affairs division and follows standards set forth by the National Academic Advising Association and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers. Through its programs and collaborative efforts with the Academic Affairs division, the Academic Services assists students in developing meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals.

The Academic Services strives to achieve the following:

  • To provide registration services for the preregistration, registration, add/drop and withdrawal processes
  • To maintain all current and historical academic student records and issue transcripts of academic records as provided by law
  • To provide letters verifying enrollment to outside agencies as requested by the student
  • To collect grades and issue grade reports and maintain historic grade report records
  • To work with academic departments in developing, preparing, publishing and maintaining each term's schedule of classes
  • To facilitate the processes of determining eligibility for graduation, honors, athletic participation, VA benefits, greek participation, etc.
  • To prepare and publish reports, provide assistance to students, advisors, departments chairs as needed, evaluate transfer work for potential and admitted transfer students and currently enrolled students
  • To provide timely information regarding graduation requirements through degree audit
  • To assist the student in clarifying academic, life and career goals by offering career related individualized and group advisement and the interpretation of standardized assessment instruments
  • To help the student understand how institutional requirements and policies impact the educational experience
  • To work with the student in developing an educational plan which facilitates established goals
  • To assist in selecting course offerings appropriate to completing graduation requirements
  • To provide course offerings in the areas of career planning and job search
  • To support the efforts of faculty advisors in their individual work with students
  • To promote academic and experiential opportunities, both on and beyond the campus, which complement the educational program
  • To increase student awareness of resources available for planning post-graduation options
  • To make referrals to other college support services as needed
  • To actively encourage an increasingly self-managerial role in establishing and meeting academic, life and career goals

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