Fee Structure for Mentor Advantage Program

Fee Structure for Mentor Advantage Program


Optional Supplements available for all students:

  • Evening Check-In: $800.00 per semester
  • Strategic Content Tutoring/Organizational Mentoring: $750.00 per semester for one hour of strategic content tutoring each week; $1,500.00 for two hours strategic content tutoring each week, etc...
  • Day-time Check-In: If the student is enrolled in Strategic Content Tutoring III or above or Lindamood-Bell Level Three or Four, the cost is $1,200 per semester (DEVL-032)
  • Day-time Check-In: For all other program configurations the cost is $2,000 per semester (DEVL-033)

Course Numbering for the Mentor Advantage and Day-Time Check-In Programs (DEVL 024-033) *

DEVL 024 MAP Evening Check-In $800.00
DEVL 025 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring I (1 hour) $750.00
DEVL 026 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring II (2 hours) $1,500.00
DEVL 027 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring III (3 hours) $2,250.00
DEVL 028 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring IV (4 hours) $3,000.00
DEVL 029 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring V (5 hours) $3,750.00
DEVL 031 MAP Strategic Content Tutoring Increment (May) $375.00
DEVL 032 DAY-TIME CHECK-IN (w/MAP/LBP - 40 hours) $1,200.00
DEVL 033 DAY-TIME CHECK-IN (40 hours) $2,000.00

*The listed fee structure applies to the 2016-2017 academic year.

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