Class Offerings

Class Offerings

Study Strategies - COLL-104 / 1 credit - offered both 1st and 2nd quarters - College Study Strategies is designed to help students make the academic adjustment to college life. The small group structure of the course enables the instructors from the Learning Center to assist students with differing needs. In this class, students will: 1) develop a working knowledge of the information processing model of memory, 2) demonstrate an understanding of personal learning style, 3) choose effective academic strategies to understand and remember information associated with current academic course work, 4) learn to monitor academic progress, 5) develop an awareness of personal reasons for attending college.

Tutor Training Level 1 - COLL-109 / 1 credit - Prerequisites: cumulative B average and Tutor Supervisor permission - Tutor Training Level 1 instructs capable students to become effective tutors. The training is founded upon the principle of facilitating the academic independence of students who use the tutoring service. The class emphasizes tutor guidelines, goals, responsibilities/roles, and strategies appropriate for the tutorial session. This one-quarter course is among the requirements for students preparing to tutor in the Learning Center’s tutoring program. It has been designed to meet the tutor program certification criteria through the College Reading and Learning Association.

Graduate School Test Preparation - COLL-305 / 1 credit - This course gives students an opportunity to practice for the various tests required for admission to graduate school (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etc…). Students take practice tests to determine strengths and needs, analyze the results, and use the analysis to plan a course of study.

Mentor Advantage Program - DEVL 024-033
The Mentor Advantage Program offers strategic organizational and academic support to the student who is making the transition to college. Through participation in organizational mentoring and strategic content tutoring, the student is guided to plan academics, to start to work, to develop strategies to understand and complete course requirements, and to follow through on academic tasks. Students are assisted to build personalized strategies based on their unique processing strengths. Depending on the level of enrollment, students have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with mentoring staff up to five hours weekly to organize and carry out coursework preparation. In evening and day-time check-in, a professional mentor will be on duty 12.5 hours per day to provide academic support in the Mentor Advantage Program study area while the College is in session. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and additional fee required. *See the Mentor Advantage Program page for a detailed description of the fee schedule.

Day-Time Check-In Program (DEVL 032 and DEVL 033)

A professional tutor will be on duty to provide organizational and academic support between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM in our Mentor Advantage study area, Monday through Friday, while the College is in session. When signing in to this area, students make or revise to-do lists for the day or week, get started on school work before the first class, work on assignments and readings between classes, and review for quizzes and tests. Students may sign up for this program on a semester-by-semester basis, in keeping with our usual advising process. *See the Mentor Advantage Program page for a detailed description of the fee schedule.

Lindamood-Bell ® approach to learning - DEV- 040 – 044 / counts toward hours enrolled for the semester- fee-based*; permission of instructor required; 1-2 development hours - Instructors trained in the Lindamood-Bell ® learning processes use a clinical approach to enable students to improve their written and verbal language and mathematical comprehension. In one-on-one sessions, students gain automaticity with word recognition, greater accuracy with spelling, and increased reading speed. Other sessions focus on comprehension by using concept imagery to process meaning, organize thought, and retain information. *See the Lindamood-Bell Methods ® page for a detailed description and the fee scale.

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