Internships at another university

Internships at another university

Internships at another university

Rebecca Davis (2017)
 has a summer internship at Rutgers University where she is working on novel designs for batteries.

Tom·Tyson's·electrical engineering internship at Penn State. Tom worked with Dr. Jeffrey Schiano to improve the sensitivity of the magnetic imaging obtained from nuclear quadrupole circuitry. Tom's research can potentially be applied to detect explosives and to analyze the composition of pharmaceuticals. The National Science Foundation provided Tom's funding. In the photo are Tom, Dr. Schiano, and the nuclear quadrupole apparatus. 

Stephen Ranjan's computational physics internship at Kansas State University
Stephen studied computer applications of quantum mechanics. NSF provided his funding. 

Adam Hunnell's civil engineering internship at Louisiana State University
Adam studied synchrotron X-ray microtomography, in which he processed images from the Argonne National Lab. NSF provided Adam's funding 

Jennifer Morris's internship at the University of Maine
. Jennifer studied properties of wood. The NSF provided her funding.

Jacob Wilson's 2013 electrical engineering internship at Penn State. Jacob worked with Dr. Jeffrey Schiano to improve the sensitivity of the Robinson marginal oscillator. NSF provided his funding. 

Ken Benson's 2012 materials science internship at Virginia Tech
Ken worked with Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson on a statistical analysis of human-factors data. 

Chera Roger's 2011 materials science internship at Florida State University
Chera worked on a statistical analysis of molecular motion using random-walk theory. NSF provided Chera's funding. 

Heather Graffius's 2011 atmospheric physics internship at Penn State
Heather studied turbulent wind flow during thunderstorms. NSF provided her funding. 

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