Internships at WVU

Internships at WVU

Internships at WVU

Merrick Malin (2017) has an internship in WVU's NanoSAFE program. 

Rebecca Davis (2016) had a summer internship in WVU's NanoSafe program. She worked with Dr. Leon Lederman. Rebecca's goal was to use molecular beam epitaxy to make iron fluoride films of two different crystalline orientations, with a film roughness of less than 1 nm. These objective had to be met for the films to be forwarded to Rutgers University for further research involving novel battery designs. Rebecca used reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED), x-ray diffraction, and x-ray reflectometry to check the films.

Lauren Cronise's 2015 biomedical internship. 
"I worked with Dr. Christopher Kolanko to prepare an optical scanning device for clinical trials. The device was created by Eyemarker Systems to be a pupilometer that detects exposure to chemical warfare agents. The military plans to use the device for rapid diagnosis of exposure using the pupil as a biomarker. I worked with WVU's Institution Research Board to get approval for clinical trials. I coordinated the project with BAE Systems and performed MatLab programming for using the device to measure the pupil's radius. This fall, WVU will enroll 500 participants in clinical trials, and I will analyze the images." 

Amelia·Riley's·2015 carbon-nanotube internship. Carbon nanotubes exist when carbon atoms are arranged in a hollow cylindrical structure with walls consisting of a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon. Carbon nanotubes have been constructed with length-to-diameter ratios that are much greater than any other known material. Carbon nanotubes have extraordinary mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. They are present in such things as carbon-fiber car parts, baseball bats, and golf clubs. 

To analyze carbon nanotubes, Amelia had to learn to use an electron microscope. Amelia made the photo of iron nanoparticles showing their crystalline structure. She reports, "I became certified to operate the transmission electron microscope at the WV Shared Research Facility. I analyzed basic nanotubes, boron-doped carbon nanotubes, and nitrogen-carbon nanotubes." The NASA-WV Space Grant Consortium funded Amelia's project.
Paige·Rutter's·2015 biophysics internship involved silver nanoparticles. These have antimicrobial properties that make them a candidate for using in medical equipment, especially within orthopedic equipment. When silver nanoparticles are put into the cement at a joint replacement, the result could be lower infection rates and quicker healing. Paige investigated the correlation of nanoparticle size to toxicity. Paige's research mentor was Dr. Mingyan Li. Funding was provided through the WV-IMBRE program.
Taylor·Price's·2014 nanotechnology internship. My project involved photonic crystals. I worked in WVU's cleanroom facility. I wore a full gown, mask, hair net, and boots so that my samples were not corrupted by even the smallest particle. I operated the scanning electron microscope, sputtering station, and plasma asher. Funding was provided by WVU's NanoSAFE Program.

Dillon Huffman's 2013 neuroscience internship. I worked in Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko's lab, where they work with motion capture, electromyography, transcranial magnetic stimulation, functional electrical stimulation, and biomechanical modeling. The overall goals were to understand all the pathways and their interactions in the human sensorimotor system and to design efficient rehabilitation approaches to help people recover from damage to these pathways. The WVU NanoSAFE Program provided my funding.

Dillon Huffman's 2012 biomedical internship. I studied five different cell lines of genetically modified human bronchial epithelial BEAS-2B cells that were exposed to carbon nanotubes. My research advisers were Dr. Yon Rojanasakul and Dr. Amruta Manke. Funding was provided by the National Institute of Health.

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