Dr. Tracey DeLaney

Dr. Tracey DeLaney


Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering
118 Christopher Hall
Campus Box 112
B.S. in Physics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
M.S. in Physics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Ph.D. in Astrophysics, University of Minnesota
Courses taught
General studies: General Physics I and II, Astronomy I and II, Geology, Physical Science
Upper-level physics: Electromagnetic Theory, Astrophysics, Research Seminar I and II
Engineering: Engineering Design I and II
Proposals awarded
2016, Very Large Array 17A-351, Mapping the Outer Limits of Cassiopeia A's Jets
2016, NASA WVSGC, Developing Radio Telescope Electronics
2015, WV HEPC DSR, Instructional Radio Telescopes
2015, NSF RII Track-1, Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Appalachian Freshwater
2013, NASA WVSGC, Unshocked ejecta in 3C396 and 3C397
2013, NASA WVSGC, WV skies: wild and wonderful
2012, Chandra cycle 14, Magnetic field amplification in Cassiopeia A
2011, NASA WVSGC, Expansion of Kepler's supernova remnant
2011, Very Large Array 12A-398, Magnetic field amplification in Cassiopeia A
2010, NASA WVSGC, Astronomy lab manual
2009, Chandra 11 GO, Proper motion of the CCO in Cassiopeia A
2009, Suzaku cycle 4 GO, X-ray radio synch. spectrum of SNG G330.2+1.0
Community service
2013, 2015, Chair, Review panel, NASA astrophysics data analysis program
2011-present, Member, International Planetarium Association
2010, Proposal referee, Chandra X-ray observatory
2009-present, Member American Association of Physics Teachers
Public outreach
2013-present, Adviser, SPACE Club
2012-present, Judge, Regional Director WV Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
2010-present, Instructor, Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program
2009-present, Planetarium Director, WVWC
Recent conference presentations
2017, Batteries and Electrolysis of Salt Water, AAPT
2015, Math in general studies science education, AAPT
2015, Cassiopeia A on the edge, Fifty-one ergs
2014, The inaugural NASA-SPACE day, AAPT
2014, Rotation measure synthesis of Cassiopeia A, AAS HEAD, 14, 120.15
2014, The expansion rate of the supernova remnant G266.21.2, AAS HEAD, 14, 120.10
2014, Using rotation measure synthesis to study shocks in Cassiopeia A, BAAS, 223, 353.06
2014, Using low frequency radio absorption to measure the density of unshocked ejecta in Cassiopeia A, BAAS, 223, 353.05
2013, The perils of big data, AAPT
2013, The motion of Cassiopeia A's neutron star, BAAS, 222, 218.01
2012, Operating a small planetarium in a small town, AAPT
Recent publications
Grefenstette, B.W.; Fryer, C.L.; Harrison, F.A.; Boggs, S.E.; DeLaney, T.; Laming, J. M.; Reynolds, S.P. et al., 2016, The Distribution of Radioactive 44Ti in Cassiopeia A, ApJ 834, 19
Grefenstette, B.W.; Reynolds, S.P.; Harrison, F.A.; Humensky, T.B.; Boggs, S.E.; Fryer, C.L.; DeLaney, T.; Madsen, K.K.; Miyasaka, J.; Wik, D.R.; Zoglauer, A; Forster, K.; Kitaguchi, T.; Lopez, L.; Nynkal, M.; Christensen, F.E.; Craig, W.W.; Hailey, C.J.; Stern, D.; Zhang, W.W., 2015Locating the most energetic electrons in Cassiopeia A, ApJ 802, 15
Allen, G.E.; Chow, K.; DeLaney, T.; Filipovic, M.D.; Houck, C.J.; Pannuti, T.G.; Stage, M.D., 2015, On the expansion rate, age, and distance of the supernova remnant G266.2-1.2 (Vela Jr.), ApJ 798, 82
DeLaney, T.; Kassim, N.E.; Rudnick, L.; Perley, R.A., 2014The density and mass of unshocked ejecta in Cassiopeia A through low-frequency radio absorption, ApJ 785, 7

Isensee, K.; Olmschenk, G.; Rudnick, L.; DeLaney, T.; Rho, J.; Smith, J.D.; Reach, W.T.; Kozasa, T.; Gomez, H., 2012Nucleosynthetic layers in the shocked ejecta of Cassiopeia A, ApJ 757, 126
Su, Y.; Chen, Y.; Yang, J.; Koo, B.C.; Lu, D.R.; Jeong, I,G.; DeLaney, T., Molecular environment and thermal X-ray spectroscopy of the semicircular young composite supernova remnant 3C 396, ApJ 727, 43
DeLaney, T.; Stage, M.; Rudnick, L.; Smith, J.; Isensee, K.; Rho, J.; Allen, G.; Gomez, H.; Kosana, T.; Reach, W.; Davis, J.; Houck, J., 2010, The three-dimensional structure of Cassiopeia AApJ 725, 2038
Isensee, K.; Rudnick, L.; DeLaney, T.; Smith, J.; Rho, J.; Reach, W.; Kosana, T.; Gomez, H., 2010, The three-dimensional structure of the interior ejecta in Cassiopeia A at high spectral resolution, ApJ 725, 2059


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