2017 Physics Internships at Wesleyan

2017 Physics Internships at Wesleyan

2017 Physics internships at Wesleyan. May 8, 2017—Seven physics students started working today on summer research projects at Wesleyan. Dr. DeLaney's students are Kaylee Burdette, Randy Corathers, Angela Meyer, and Olivia Rycroft. They are working on four projects: (1) developing a payload for a NASA sounding rocket to be launched this summer, (2) a science education and public outreach program to give presentations at state parks over the summer, (3) astronomy research involving supernova remnants, pulsars, and gravitational waves, and (4) commissioning a small radio telescope. Stipends and supplies are provided by the NASA-WV Space Grant Consortium, the National Science Foundation through an EPSCoR grant, and by a Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant from the WV Higher Education Policy Commission. 

Dr. Wiest's students are Gabrielle Cox and Mackenzie Robatin, with funding provided through the SURE program. Dr. Zinzer's student is John Harvey, with funding provided by a SURE grant. 

Dr. Reynolds' student is Jeremy Marsh, whose project is to assemble a plasma apparatus. Jeremy's funding is provided by the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium.

Photo, front row: Dr. Wiest, Randy Corathers, Gabrielle Cox, Mackenzie Robatin, Olivia Rycroft, Angela Meyer, Kaylee Burdette. Back row: Dr. DeLaney, Dr. Popson, Dr. Reynolds, Jeremy Marsh 

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