2015 Physics Internships at Wesleyan

2015 Physics Internships at Wesleyan

2015 Physics internships at Wesleyan
Ryder Bolin 
had a geophysics internship working with Dr. DeLaney. He used our new Guralp seismometer to map underground structures. He built a thumper to create seismic waves. He also constructed a remote-control vehicle to map underground structures. The NASA-WV Space Grant Consortium funded Ryder's project.

Andrew Tiffin worked with Dr. Wiest to improve our transmission electron microscope. An electron microscope magnifies using a beam of electrons. An electron microscope has a resolving power that can be 100,000 times shorter than a visible-light microscope. A transmission electron microscope uses electric and magnetic fields to focus the electron beam to form an image. The WV-NASA Space Grant Consortium funded Andrew's research.

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