Nuclear Physicist

Nuclear Physicist

Nuclear physicists work in fields such as nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear power generation, and nuclear submarines.

Graduates who are nuclear physicists

Summer internships: Shippingport nuclear power plant, Westinghouse, Jefferson National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab

Bechtel-Bettis, Oak Ridge National Lab, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Bobby Powell (2011): "I am a Field Engineer at the Bechtel-Bettis Atomic Power Lab in West Mifflin, Pa. The Field Engineering program leads to assignments at a variety of shipyards. We provide oversight to all aspects of submarine and aircraft carrier construction and maintenance. The program begins with a rigorous and comprehensive qualification program at Bettis involving nuclear reactor design and operation."

Robert Hardin (Ph.D., Physics, WVU): "Thank you for the opportunity to present a colloquium to the Wesleyan physics students this spring. I have just finished up my Ph.D. My research adviser chose me to work in his plasma physics lab because of my laser background from Wesleyan. I have accepted a position at Oak Ridge National Lab."

Jason Martin (M.S., University of Virginia): "I work for Bechtel-Bettis at the Naval Nuclear School in Charleston, S.C. I train Navy personnel on operating procedures for nuclear reactors on aircraft carriers and submarines."

Jon Morang
 works in nuclear safety at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire. 

James Abraham (M.S. in Health Physics, Colorado State University). James is a radiation safety officer at Colorado State University.

Tom Damiani (PhD, Mechanical Engineering, WVU) works at the Bechtel-Bettis Atomic Power Lab near Pittsburgh. Dr. Damiani designs nuclear propulsion systems for submarines and aircraft carriers. On February 5, 2013, he returned to Wesleyan to give a presentation to our students about his work.

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