Space Systems Engineering

Space Systems Engineering

Space·Systems Engineering
Studentsˍinˍour new Space Systems Engineering class are working in conjunction with NASA IV&V to build a payload for a rocket. Dr. Tracey DeLaney is guiding the students to compete with several other schools to secure a spot on the next launch scheduled in June from the NASA Wallops Island facility. 

Students have designed a science experiment to measure the rotation of Earth's core using the magnetic field data from space. They are writing computer code and building circuitry that will go into space. The payload will capture data on Earth's magnetic field that the students will need to interpret.

"Manyˍopen-ended questions are encountered in these types of projects, which allow students to be intimately involved in the decision-making process along the way rather than just following a cookbook," commented DeLaney. The project is funded by the NASA-WV Grant Consortium, and NASA-IV&V is providing technical help.

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