Medical Physics

Medical Physics

Medical physicists are licensed professionals trained to use radiation to treat cancer.

Graduates who are medical physicists

Typical starting salary: $95,000

Summer internships: Cleveland Clinic

Graduate schools: 
University of Cincinnati, Duke, East Carolina State University, Vanderbilt

General Electric, Associates in Medical Physics, Dallas General Hospital (TX), Beaumont Health System (Mich.), Saratoga Hospital (NY), Vantage Oncology (Ohio), Mercy Cancer Center (Iowa), United Hospital Center (WV), Kettering Medical Center
Peter Sandwall, Ph.D., is Chief Medical Physicist at TriHealth Cancer Institute in Cincinnati. In June 2015, Peter emailed Dr. Wiest, "My work continues to progress in a positive direction. I have completed my Board Certification process and am now a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology. Coinciding with this has been a promotion to Chief Medical Physicist with three physicists, three dosimetrists, and three (soon to be four) cancer centers under my care. My company, Vantage Oncology, continues to support Elkins, WV, with two board-certified physicists under my direction.

"I have truly been given more than I ever dreamed of. My second best decision (after marrying Susan) was choosing to pursue a career in medical physics. This has opened so many doors for me and provided an extremely rewarding career. I cannot thank you enough for opening the first door. Thank you for hiring me as a research assistant and thank you for being my teacher."
Thomas Holtschneider (2013) completed the Doctorate in Medical Physics from the University of Cincinnati in May, 2017. Tom works at Kettering Grandview Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio.
Josh Carter (2015) is pursuing an M.S. in Medical Physics at Duke University. Josh emailed Dr. Popson, "Last summer I had a three-week internship in Cincinnati with Dr. Peter Sandwall, who is a medical physicist and alumnus of Weleyan. I rotated through all of his clinics and experienced treatment planning, stereotactic radiosurgery, and brachytherapy.

"I recently passed my qualifier exam. Now I am taking the radiation therapy practicum course. My time is split between clinic and research. I need to complete my residency and my thesis. My research involves a novel imaging system that uses coherent x-ray scattering to determine whether tissue is cancerous or healthy to be able to verify the healthy margins of a lumpectomy immediately after it is removed from a patient."
KatenTurner (2011, M.S., Duke University), Medical Physicist at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Ben Thompson
is Chief Medical Physicist at Saratoga Hospital in New York state.
CheraRogers Gainer (2012, M.S., University of Cincinnati), Huntington Medical Physicists.

 Graham (M.S., Virginia Tech): "I have a new job at Associates for Medical Physics in Medina, Ohio, where I work as a radiology physicist. My duties include audits and visits to clinics and hospitals to give their annual state radiological survey. We provide accreditation for the American College of Radiology for CAT scans, MRIs, nuclear medicine, and mammography.
Mike Curry (M.S. East Carolina University): "I have completed my residency at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I have accepted employment at the Mercy Cancer Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Their offer includes incentives for completing my board certification."

Amy Powelson Patrick (M.S., Vanderbilt University), United Hospital Center, Clarksburg.

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