Industry Internships

Industry Internships

Industry internships.
R.L. Laughlin, Inc. (2017).·Caleb Riffle's internship involves measuring petroleum and natural gas at their site in Charleston, WV. Caleb reports, "I will learn gas-chart integrations and how to build gas meters from scratch. They've been doing this internship for three years, mainly accepting students from the petroleum engineering programs at WVU and Marietta College. I'm really excited to start!" 

Momentive Performance Materials (2017).·Brendan Schwendeman reports, "My summer internship is at Momentive Performance Materials in Friendly, WV. It is a chemical engineering plant that manufactures silicones. I am working in the environmental health and safety department doing research about water purification and air pollution."

Advanced Acoustics Concepts (2017).·Cullen Hoone's internship involves projects at the Pennsylvania engineering company that works on government contracts.

Hermes Abrasives (2017).
·Hunter Lowe's internship is at the Virginia Beach location of the international company based in Hamburg, Germany. The company creates surface treatments for materials in the construction industry, or surface treatments to reduce friction in orthopedic implants, aircraft parts, or automotive engines.

Continental Oil (2017).·Eric Wooten's internship is at the company's drilling sites in Oklahoma. Eric is becoming familiar with drilling equipment and helping to plan new oil wells. 

Louisville Airport (2017).·Nate Moore is working as an aircraft mechanic trainee for United Parcel Service.
Cleveland·Clinic.·Kate Turner reports, "I was awarded a fellowship from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. My Wesleyan professors knew of my interest in nuclear physics and suggested that I consider a career in medical physics. Medical physics involves applications of physics to medicine. Medical physics includes research, technical developement, and clinical health care.

"I worked on two different projects with chief medical physicist Dr. Ping Xia. My first project was a study of setup errors in patients with gynecological tumors. My second project involved a comparison of three types of radiation therapies for prostate cancer. 

"I learned what medical physicists do in a clinical setting. I networked with medical physicists from all around the world. My experience helped me confirm my decision for a career in medical physics. Now I can really see myself enjoying medical physics as a career."

Raytheon·Missile Systems, Tucson, Arizona.·Rachel Haas reports, "This was my second summer at Raytheon, but it was vastly different this time. My team had seven full-time employees and two interns. Everyone but me had vast computer knowledge. The other team members took it upon themselves to help me feel like a valued team member. I learned new things and met new people. My experience affirmed my love for the industry and helped me decide to add a minor in computer science. 

"My job was to update a section of simulation computer code for a weapons system. My updated code will be released for everyone in the company to use. I gave a presentation at a meeting of all the department managers. My supervising manager wants to bring me back again next summer."
Tolsia, Inc. Pedro Martin-Filho's 2016 internship involved mining engineering in Spain. The company mines bentonite, a mineral that is used in metal casting, industrial cleaning, paper, pet litter, and to seal landfills and wells. Pedro learned mining safety, ore extraction, ore processing, and chemical analysis. 
West·Virginia Split Rail. Matt Stadelman did not need to go very far to find a summer internship. The company is located just across the railroad tracks from campus. Matt focused on methods to reduce peak electrical demand when sawmill motors are started up. The company will benefit from lower electricity costs. In the photo are the internship's coordinators: Dr. Wiest, Mark Winnett (consulting engineer from Tioga Resources in Clarksburg), Matt Stadelman, and Dr. Popson.  
Pickering Energy Solutions. Wyatt Strickler worked on photovoltaic projects at the Parkersburg company in 2016. 
Walter Reed Army Medical CenterWes Hughes reports, "My internship involved designing a prosthetic leg. The anatomical shape of a leg varies from person to person, which complicates the process of designing a socket that fits well. For an above-the-knee amputation such as mine, the socket must support the sitting bone in a way that is not painful and allows the user to walk in a normal way.  

"Initially a patient wears a test socket made of duraplex/vivac plastic. Once a decent fit is obtained, a temporary socket is made. After several months of walking on the temporary socket, the patient is ready for a carbon-fiber socket frame with a flexible inner lining. 
"The components that make up each individual's leg vary greatly from person to person. When the time came to make my own personal socket and leg, I chose to make a running leg. The components that I used were the Total Knee 2100 and the Flex-Run foot, both by Ossur, an Icelandic company. Here's a photo of the running leg that I designed for myself."

Tolsia, Inc. (Spain). Pedro Martins reports, "My internship was at the site of a bentonite mine. The mineral is used for the casting of metals, industrial cleaning, paper, pet litter, and sealing landfills and wells. I learned mining safety, ore extraction, ore processing, and chemical analysis."

Weyerhauser. Jennifer Morris studied the tensile properties of engineered wood at the company's Buckhannon plant.
Westinghouse.·Bobby Powell reports, "I worked at the Nuclear Power Design Facility in Cranberry, Pa., alongside two engineers. I updated the egress report for the AP1000 power plant. I compared specs of three similar designs. Each update of an AP1000 building needs an updated egress plan. I had to follow the NFPA-101 Life Safety Code, which takes into account core power, alternate power sources, and safety. My report will be used by a Westinghouse attache in Japan. I also worked on the Once Through Steam Generator project, which could replace the less efficient multi-pass steam generators currently in use on the AP1000."
Tetra Technologies, Parkersburg. Brendan Schwendeman's work involved chemicals for the petroleum and natural gas industry.

First Energy nuclear power plant. John Metzler reports, "I worked at the Beaver Valley Power Station, a nuclear power plant in Shippingport, Pa. My duties included using databases to track projects and observing tests on the main tubrine. I also observed preparations for refueling the nuclear reactor."

Honeywell, Greenbelt, Md. Gary Valkavitch worked on the Satellite Orbital Analysis Web Infrastructure project. He calculated orbits of satellites on a computer and posted them on the internet. Honeywell is a subcontractor for NASA-Goddard.

Siemens Building Systems. Gary Valkavitch designed control systems to heat and cool large commercial buildings. He placed controllers on dampers and networked the controllers to a computer. He wrote computer code for controling the dampers and valves on the boilers and chillers. 

Pickering Energy Solutions, Parkersburg. Wyatt Strickler had an internship starting in May, 2016. The organization's purpose is to launch and encourage renewable energy.

WeyerhauserJen Morris studied the properties on engineered wood at the Buckhannon plant.

Shalewater Solutions, Clarksburg. The company uses chemical methods to treat water from natural gas drilling sites. Evan Gorman worked with Ryan Hall to study methods to remove radium from the water.

Thrasher Engineering, BridgeportTommie Brunswick and Evan Gorman had civil engineering internships.

ToyotaStephen Ranjan had an internship at the assembly plant in Irvine, California.


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