Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers design assembly lines, efficient hospital emergency rooms, amusement park layouts.

Graduates who are industrial engineers

Graduate schools: WVU, University of Maryland--Baltimore County

Bechtel-Bettis, Raytheon-Solypsis
Bryan Corder was a student in our Dual-Degree Engineering program. Bryan reports, "Wesleyan and WVU provided me with a great opportunity with the Dual-Degree Engineering program. Your careful planning made the transfer easy and Wesleyan's high standards prepared me well for the university. I am employed as an industrial engineer at Bechtel-Bettis in Pittsburgh. We are developing energy systems for spacecraft that fly beyond the solar system."

Chris Ly works at Raytheon-Solypsis in Baltimore. Raytheon is paying Chris to obtain his M.S. at the University of Maryland–Baltimore County.

Nate Moore (2017)
 is pursuing an M.S. in Engineering Management at the University of Louisville.

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