Government Internships

Government Internships

Government internships
Thomas·Haines (2016) studied electropolishing of copper by thin-film deposition. This process is used to smooth the copper surface before it is coated with niobium mmetal. It is useful because niobium-plated copper costs less than bulk niobium but often superconducts just as well. Thomas studies the effects of temperature, voltage, solution-flow velocity, and anode-to-cathode separation. In the photo, Thomas is talking about the internship to members of the Engineering-Physics Club. ha

Seth Gandee (2016) 
has a civil engineering internship with the WV Division of Highways.
Ryder Bolin (Spring 2015) 
had an internship with the Buckhannon Watershed Association the extensively used Geographic Information Systems. 
Matt Stadelman's 2014 internship with the National Energy Technology Lab. Matt worked at the location in Morgantown under the mentorship of Dr. Neal Sams. Matt's goal was to improve the natural-gas-well-production simulation program, which uses Darcy's law to model gas extraction from unconventional sources such as tight sands, shale layers, and other rock strata having low permeability. Funding was provided by the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program. (Matt's internship led to a job with NETL.)  
Nicole West's internship at the National Energy Technology lab 
involved a study of air pollution. 
Jason·Jackson's civil engineering internship at the WV Division of Highways: 
"I was fortunate to have a boss who had just acquired his professional engineering license. My boss was eager to get me as much experience as he could during the summer.
"I arrived on a bridge job just after the girders were in place. The deck pans were installed next. I had to insure that the contractor complied with the requirements of the WVDOH Spec Book. 
"The state awards most projects to private contractors. A state engineer has to make sure that the job is done right. This can be difficult, especially when the contractor is trying to cut corners. This inevitably results to some confrontations. I learned how to handle situations like that." 
Desmond Sivels (2015) spend the summer with a civil engineering internship with the Delaware Department of Transportation (also fishing and lifting weights to get ready for football). 
Morgan Meadows, Naval Surface Warfare Center. Morgan's project used finite-element modeling for stress and strain computations. 
Michael Scruggs, Naval Surface Warfare Center. Michael's project involved shortwave infrared imaging. 
Bobby Powell's internship at Jefferson National Lab, a nuclear accelerator facility in Norfolk, Va. Bobby's project involved designing a new Wein filter circuit. 
Heather Graffius's internship at Jefferson National Lab. Heather's project involved improving a beat-frequency-oscillator circuit.  


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