Engineering Dual Degree Program

Engineering Dual Degree Program

Dual-Degree Engineering

This is a special agreement that Wesleyan has with three universities that can enable you to earn an engineering degree at the university, starting with three years of study at Wesleyan.

You will find our program quite attractive if you want to start your engineering studies at a small college with smaller class sizes. You can earn two degrees in a total of about five years.

You can earn a degree in physics from Wesleyan and one of the following:

    • B.S. in Engineering from WVU,
    • B.S. in Engineering from Virginia Tech, or
    • M.S. in Engineering from UVa.

You complete Wesleyan's required courses in three years. At the beginning of Year 4, you transfer to the chosen university, where you take appropriate engineering courses for two years.

Many of Wesleyan's courses count toward the university's engineering degree, and some of the university's courses transfer back toward Wesleyan's physics degree.

Typical schedule of classes



Year 4 — Transfer to the chosen university for engineering specialization..
Year 5 — Complete your engineering major at the university.

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