Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers develop communication systems (cell phones), control systems (microcomputers), electrical transmission systems, and the related circuitry.

Graduates who are electrical engineers

Summer internships: Penn State, WVU, Jefferson National Lab

Graduate schools: WVU, Virginia Tech (2), Penn State, Pitt, Lehigh University, Central Michigan University, University of Iowa, Clemson University

Employers: Rockwell Automation, Motorola, General Motors, Lockheed-Martin, NASA-Glenn, Kichler Lighting, U.S. Department of Justice, Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Ross Murphy Finkelstein Engineers, General Telephone
Kody Tucker (2017) is pursuing an M.S. in Electrical Engineering at WVU. 

Alex White (2017) is pursuing an M.S. in Electrical Engineering at WVU.

Corey Rhodes (2016) works at NASA-Glenn in the Electrical Propulsion Division on the Electron Ion Thruster project.

Desmond Sivels (2016) works at American Electric Power in Roanoke, Va. Desmond is a Transmssion Dispatch Associate.

Rafiq Ahmed
 (M.S., Virginia Tech) returned to Wesleyan to give a presentation on product innovation, entropreneurship, and buisness startups. Mr. Ahmed developed the first software platform to create interactive books for the iPad right on the device itself. In addition, he has worked as an electrical engineer at Motorola Mobile Devices and has several patents.

Colby Stanley (2015) completed his M.S. at Duke University. "I've taken a job with General Motors in Milford, Michigan. I'm going to be writing code for engine controls and modules, flashing the code onto cars, and testing the cars on the track. I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it without Wesleyan." 

Last year, Colby wrote, "I'm in a class that is working on a heavy-lift drone for the Shell Ocean X-Prize competition. We need to map 50 kmof the ocean floor in 48 hours. We plan to use a drone to drop sonar pods into the ocean and retrieve them when they surface. My team is working on the drone's flight system.

"In my Fault-Tolerant Computing class, I'm working on a method of fault-injection using electromagnets. In my Mobile Applications Development class, I'm working on a game for IOS mobile devices. This past summer, I had an internship at Cisco Systems as a Network and Consumer-Support Engineer."

Beth Doleschal Crutchfield (1991, M.S. Clemson University) has been appointed as Partner at RMF Engineering in Charleston, SC.

Cody Cutright (2014) is pursuing an M.S. at WVU.
Dave Klebe (M.S., Penn State): "I manage a team in manufacturing automation technologies for Rockwell Automation. This is a $900-milliion business devoted to large-scale industrial controls projects in factories, airports, and railyards. My recent projects include a materials-handling system for a Chicago news press and several process-control systems on paper machines. 

"I recently designed an automation-focused exhibit called the Music Factory, which opened in 2015 at the Discovery World museum in Milwaukee. The exhibit promotes STEM education in an entertaining way. It is an interactive display of servo motor control, high speed sorting, and industrial automation sensor technologies. I had a similar experience several years ago for Hershey Chocolate World's 'Create Your Own Candy Bar' exhibit."

Matt Heere (M.S.,Central Michigan University) works at Fisher-Rosemount Systems in Pennsylvania.

Tom Tyson (M.S., Penn State, 2009). Kichler Lighting, Cleveland. The photo shows Tom and his research adviser, Dr. Jeffrey Schiano. The instrumentation is Tom's research project, a nuclear quadrupole spectrometer.

Brian Montgomery (M.S., Central Michigan University) works at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Angel Gray, Syska Hennesey, Atlanta. Angel works on facilities design for data centers and medical facilities.

Craig Forbes (M.S., University of Iowa). McCabe and Associates

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