Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design, construct, and operate facilities such as highways, bridges, and drinking-water systems.

Graduates who are civil engineers

Summer internships: West Virginia Division of Highways, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Delaware Department of Highways, Thrasher Engineering, Louisiana State University

Graduate schools: 
WVU (12), UVa, Stanford University, Morgan State University, University of Kansas

Employers: West Virginia Division of Highways, Madjeski and Masters, Kokosing, Thrasher Engineering, Donan Engineering, Sabra-Wang
Eleni Brick (2017) is employed as a civil engineer trainee in the utility division at Thrasher Engineering in Bridgeport.

Ryder Bolin (2016) is working on an M.S. in Civil Engineering at WVU.

Andrew Cvetnick 
(2016) is working on an M.S. in Civil Engineering at WVU.

Amelia Riley (2016) is working on an M.S. in Civil Engineering at WVU.

 (M.S., UVa): "Dr. Popson, I have completed the degree requirements for the M.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Virginia. I wanted to let you know since you were the main reason that I applied to UVa in the first place. Thank you for the one-on-one help I received at Wesleyan." Brenton works at Volkert and Associates in Herndon, Va.

Jennifer Morris Cook, (M.S. WVU), Donan Engineering, Lexington, Kentucky.
Wyatt Strickler (2017) is pursuing an M.S. in Environmental Engineering at Cleveland State University.
ThomasBartleman, (2014, M.S. Stanford University): "I earned my M.S. at Stanford! I had an internship with Stanford Utilities, working on water quality issues."
Derek Johnson (2013): Rig
ht after I graduated from Wesleyan, I started working with Thrasher Engineering, a civil engineering consulting firm that covers all phases of construction. I work as a staff engineer in the utility division in Beckley. I work on layout, design, and rehabiitating water and wastewater systems. I still live near my hometown in Monroe County. I also work with our non-profit organization to create a community activity center to improve our small town."

JasonJackson, (2011, M.S. WVU, Field Engineer, Kokosing): "I just found out that I passed my FE Exam on the first try."

Wes Steele, (M.S., WVU): "I am working for the bridge engineering company Madjeski and Masters in Harrisburg, Pa. I was recently in Canada inspecting the Ambassador bridge. I was also assigned to a project in Philadelphia supervising the construction of two railroad bridges."
BenVance, (M.S., WVU): Ben works for the WV Division of Highways. He returned at homecoming 2014 (see photo)

Dustin Schilpp,
 (M.S., Morgan State University): "I am working for Sabra-Wang, a civil engineering company in Baltimore. I work in the structures department."  

Marc Crouse,
 (M.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Kansas) works for Toyota in Buffalo, WV.  

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