Who comes to counseling?

Every year about 1 in 7 students meet with a counselor on an individual basis to discuss a wide variety of concerns.  In the past couple of years slightly more than 50% have been female and just under 50% have been male. Freshman through Seniors are well represented.

What are some reasons that individuals come?

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. to understand and manage feelings of loneliness, depression, or anxiety
  2. to assess and carefully think about their alcohol or other drug use
  3. to improve their relationships with family members, friends, or partners
  4. to improve their effectiveness in academics, sports, stress management
  5. to resolve conflict
  6. to have someone carefully listen to their experience of loss
  7. to take and review the results of a career or personality inventory

How much does counseling cost?

Individual counseling and educational programs are free.  There may be a nominal charge for special assessments.

What about confidentiality?


The content of your conversations are confidential and only shared when you provide permission.  In rare circumstances, like the threat of imminent danger or in an emergency, information can be communicated without a release. 

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