Degree Requirements

A minimum of 49 credit hours are required for the MFA degree. Requirements include completion of four residencies and a fifth thesis-presentation residency, and completion of the following required courses:

Poetry Track: ENGL 540 (four times), ENGL 545 (four times), ENGL 570 (three times), ENGL 650, and ENGL 655.

Fiction Track: ENGL 520 (four times), ENGL 525 (four times), ENGL 570 (three times), ENGL 650, and ENGL 655.

Creative Nonfiction Track: ENG 530 (four times), ENG 535 (four times), ENG 570 (three times), ENG 650, and ENGL 655.


Poetry Concentration adds ENGL 540, 545, 570 (Semester Project in Poetry) to Fiction or Nonfiction Track

Fiction Concentration adds ENGL 520, 525, 570 (Semester Project in Fiction) to Poetry or Nonfiction Track

Nonfiction Concentration adds ENGL 530, 535, 570 (Semester Project in Nonfiction) to Fiction or Poetry Track


1. Four semesters of supervised work, earning minimum of 49 credit hours. [Five semesters of supervised work for graduation with Secondary Genre Concentration, earning a minimum of 61 credit hours.]

2. Five residencies. [Six residencies for graduation with Secondary Genre Concentration.] The Fifth [or Final] Residency is devoted to participating in a Thesis Interview, teaching a seminar and presenting a graduate reading.

3. Critical Essay (20-25 pages).

4. Creative Thesis (100-125 pages for fiction and nonfiction; 48-60 pages for poetry).

5. Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.

6. Submission of the Application for Degree form one semester before intended graduation.

7. Payment of the $150 graduation fee.

8. Narrative Transcript prepared collaboratively with Advisor and Director.