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Chapbook forthcoming from Mary Imo Stike, HippoCamp to feature Lara Lillibridge, & other news!

Rodney Jones, Jason Howard, Yuri Herrera, Rahul Mehta, Rachael Peckham, Mesha Maren, Katie Fallon, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Jonathan Corcoran, Kim Dana Kupperman

New publications & events across the Wesleyan MFA community

WV Wesleyan MFA at AWP17, publications, awards, & events

Diane Gilliam, Katie Fallon, Nickole Brown, Jaimy Gordon

New publications, awards, and events across the Wesleyan MFA community

New publications & awards across the Wesleyan MFA community

Nikky Finney, Pinckney Benedict, Vince Trimboli, Mesha Maren, Sarah Einstein, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Jacinda Townsend, Kim Dana Kupperman

Sat., April 5, 1 pm, readings & music in Buckhannon’s Jawbone Park will speak out.

“…something about this confluence, the way I had to bring potable water to my family from two hours north, the strange look of the landscape wreathed in rain and mist, the stench of a chemical that was housed directly upstream from the water company — something about all of that made me absolutely buoyant in my rage.”

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