Residential Life Staff

Residential Life Staff

Director of Campus Life

Degree(s): B.A. Psychology and M.A. in Counseling: Higher Education Administration
Graduation year(s): 1982 and 1984
Started at WVWC: 1987
Hometown: Buckhannon, WV 

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Ex Officio Member of the WVWC Board of Trustees as Chair of Staff Council, Member of NACA, Member of MACUHO, MEMBER of NASPA, President, Upshur County CVB, Member, Create Buckhannon; Member, Upshur County Special Olympics Committee

Why you like WVWC : I like working at a small school where you can see daily the differences you make in the life of each student. The faculty, staff and students at Wesleyan are the best! Our Wesleyan community truly makes me love to come to work every day. I know it is cliché, but Wesleyan truly is our 'home among the hills'.

What your position does for the students: As the Director of Campus Life, I work with housing, residence life, outdoor recreation, campus activities, conferencing, commuter students and judicial affairs. I work with all of these areas on a daily basis. I am afforded the opportunity to teach First Year Seminar and engage with Freshmen and serve as their advisor for the first semester.

Office of Campus Life Office Manager

Started at WVWC: 2000
Hometown: Buckhannon, WV

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences you are a part of: Secretary, Church of South Buckhannon Mission 

Why you like WVWC: I interact with all the students and I feel like I'm a mom to all of them. 

What your position does for the students: As Office Manager to the Office of Campus Life, I feel that I maintain good organization skills in every aspect of the housing department. I often find myself helping students develop and learn, while keeping peace in the office.

Assistant Director of Campus Life

Degree(s): B.S. Behavior Science with a Concentration in Criminal Justice from Glenville State College.
Graduation year(s): 2007
Started at WVWC: July 2012
Hometown: Fort Seybert, WV

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Alumni of Alpha Theta Xi

Why you like WVWC : I love working at a small college because it gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people. WVWC is such a friendly school!

What your position does for the students: As Coordinator of Housing Operations, I am a little behind the scenes, making sure you have somewhere to live on campus.

Assistant Director of Campus Life/Title IX Coordinator

Degree(s): B.A. Public Relations from WVWC and M.Ed. Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University
Graduation year(s): 2009 and 2011
Hometown: Clarksburg, WV 

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Alpha Delta Pi, National Association of Campus Activities

Why you like WVWC : WVWC has taught me the true meaning of community.  There is just a feeling you get here that I have yet to experience anywhere else.  It all boils down to relationships.

What your position does for the students: I want each student to be able to make their Wesleyan experience their own, to try new things, interact with new people, and ultimately have fun!  I work alongside the students in Bobcat Entertainment to provide opportunities for social engagement on campus.

Assistant Director of Campus Life

Degree(s): B.A. Biology from Bucknell University; PA Secondary Teaching Certificate in Biology from Wilson College; M.Ed. Higher Education Administration from Penn State University
Graduation year(s): B.A. 2007; PA Teaching Certificate 2012; M.Ed. 2014
Hometown: Huntingdon, PA

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Freshmen Council Advisor at WVWC; Lambda Chi Alpha; President, Shenecoy Sportsmen Association; Board of Director, DuPont Fish and Game Association; Penn State Alumni Association; Bucknell Alumni Association

Why you like WVWC: Our "home among the hills" is so much more than that.  Everyone at WVWC is committed to the students that we serve, helping each to succeed in their own special way.  Here in Campus Life, we strive everyday to make the student experience second-to-none.  From residential curriculum, to student development practices, to the everyday interactions with students-- everyone at WVWC is passionate about our roles.  I am honored to work with such a wonderful group of people and look forward to being part of the WVWC community for years to come!

What your position does for the students: As a residence life coordinator, my position helps to facilitate residential learning for all students, as well as helping to create a safe environment for all students to pursue their academic responsibilities.  I help to coordinate programs for each residence hall, manage the daily operations of the 9 residence halls, supervise the residence assistants and residence directors on campus, and participate in professional development geared toward advancing student development at WVWC. 

Graduate Residence Director for Dunn Hall

Graduate Assistant for Campus Life

Degree(s): B.A. History, Masters in Business Administration, Nonprofit Management Concentration, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Graduation year(s): BA 2015, MBA 2018
Hometown: Saint Marys, WV

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Mentor with Appalachian Impact

Why you like WVWC: I love Wesleyan because it consistently encourages its students to grow through leadership, service, and relationships. At Wesleyan, I am not just a number, I am a person-Wesleyan is about relationships and that is why I love it.

What your position does for the students: As a Graduate Residence Director, my job allows me to help develop community on campus, create a safe environment for residents, and serve as a resource for both residents and resident assistants. In addition, I work with students within Bobcat Entertainment to provide fun activities each semester.

Graduate Residence Director for Flemming Hall

Graduate Assistant for Campus Life

Degree(s): B.A. Art and Psychology, Masters in Business Administration, Non-Profit Concentration, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Graduation year(s): BA 2016, MBA 2018
Started at WVWC: August 2016
Hometown: Clarksburg, WV

Why you like WVWC: Aside from the beautiful campus, Wesleyan is the perfect sized school to become part of a community that supports you both inside and outside of the classroom. I get to see familiar faces everywhere I go, whether I'm studying in the library or attending an art reveal on main street. I love the fact that those familiar faces often become the support network I need as a student, professional, and friend. I've grown so much as a person because of this community, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!

What your position does for the students:As a Graduate Resident Director, I get the opportunity to be a part of RA development as well as still have community with the residents on campus. I can offer programming, support, and trouble-shooting for students, hopefully making their Wesleyan experience a great one outside of the classroom, too.

Graduate Residence Director for Benedum Hall

Graduate Assistant for Outdoor Recreation

Degree(s): B.S. Accounting and Masters of Business Administration, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Graduation year(s): 2016, 2018
Started at WVWC: Fall 2016
Hometown: Moon Township, PA

Clubs/Foundations/or Conferences: Enactus, Camp Staff Alumni Association, Boy Scouts of America, Up to Us National Debt Campaign.

Why you like WVWC: You get to know everyone and become part of the campus community. Your friends, your professors, and even the people in the local community want you to succeed. Numerous clubs and organizations are present on campus and they strive to make a positive impact in the local community. These organizations provide potential "out of classroom" learning that is vital in today's world. Opportunity at WVWC is abundant, it is just up to you to seize it.

What your position does for the students: As a Graduate Assistant for Campus Life and Outdoor Recreation, I ensure that Resident Assistants are building a strong, safe community within Benedum Hall. I also promote their professional development so they will be more capable leaders in the world tomorrow. I also manage our Outdoor Recreation Program. The goal is to get students more active in the outdoors and give them the opportunity to experience the amazing adventures that are unique to West Virginia.

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