Judicial Affairs

Judicial Affairs

Rationale for Discipline

By applying for and accepting admission to West Virginia Wesleyan College, students voluntarily make a decision to become part of a living and learning community which exists in a bond of mutual respect, honesty, and trust. Each member of the Wesleyan community accepts responsibility to maintain this relationship. It is understood that the opportunity for free inquiry and free expression essential to the educational process can exist effectively only within a system of order which supports it. To maintain such a system of order, each member of the Wesleyan community accepts responsibility for personal actions and adheres to and respects the general regulations of the College, as well as the laws of the larger society, including municipal, state, and federal statutes. When individuals fail to accept these responsibilities, the College will confront such behavior and impose disciplinary sanctions. The primary purpose of the imposition of discipline at Wesleyan is to protect the campus community and to uphold the ideals and standards the College seeks to maintain. Consistent with that purpose, reasonable efforts will be made to foster personal development of students who are held accountable for violation of College regulations.

Violations of Law and Disciplinary Regulation


Students may be accountable both to governmental authorities and the College for acts which constitute violations of law and this Code. The College will not undertake to substitute its penalties for those appropriate to law enforcement officers on behalf of the students where legal penalties may also be applied. Local authorities will hold students responsible in all ways that would apply to citizens if they were not college students. Penalties imposed by governmental authorities, however, will not exempt students from College discipline for the same offense. Students who have committed a felony or misdemeanor will be subject to review by the College judicial process. Disciplinary action at the College is independent of any civil or criminal action and will normally proceed during the pendency of civil and criminal proceedings. College disciplinary action will not be subject to challenge or reduction on the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have not been filed, been dismissed, been reduced, or are still in process.

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