Greek Terms to Know

Greek Terms to Know

Greek Terms to Know

Alumni (Alum) - An initiated member who has graduated from college.

Bid - A formal invitation to join a chapter.

Brother/Sister - A term used by active members in a chapter when referring to each other.

Chapter - The collegiate group of a national fraternity or sorority.

Formal Rush - A period of structured membership selection at Wesleyan.

Greek - Any Member of a Greek letter social organization (sorority or fraternity).

IFC - Interfraternity Council, a representative government body of all fraternities.

Initiated Member - Any member who has completed pledging and has gone through the initiation ceremony.

Initiation - A formal ceremony that brings about the transition from pledge to initiated member.

Legacy - A person whose parent, sibling, or grandparent is an alumna or active of member of a sorority or fraternity.

National - A term referring to the central organization of a given fraternity or sorority.

Panhel – Panhellenic Council; a representative government body of all sororities.

Pin - The member pin is worn on the chest designated an active member of a certain Chapter. A pledge pin is similar and is used to designate on a pledge of a chapter

Pledge - A person who has accepted an invitation to a chapter and has not yet been initiated.

Pledging - A trail period of adjustment of fraternity or sorority life.

Rushee - An undergraduate college man or woman who participates in rush.

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