Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For Current Graduate Students

For Newly Admitted Graduate Students


FAQs for Current Graduate Students

If I am an international student, do I have to register full-time in my last semester?

For the F-1 student visa, graduate students must be full-time; therefore, they must enroll in at least 6 hours during each semester excluding May and Summer terms.

What do I have to do in order to be sure I am graduating?

During the pre-registration period before a graduate student’s last regular semester, the graduate student must complete the APPLICATION TO GRADUATE FORM (available at the Registrar’s office or at  This will trigger a degree audit from the Registrar’s office and assure that the graduate student is on the appropriate lists in the Academic Affairs and Alumni Relations offices for notification about caps and gowns, diplomas, invitations, and special graduation events.

Do I have to participate in graduation (commencement) activities?

Graduate students are not required to participate in graduation (commencement) activities. The degree of participation desired must be indicated on THE CLASS OF 20XX COMMENCEMENT FORM that will be sent to you early in the semester in which you are scheduled to graduate.

What should I do if I need to withdraw or discontinue classes for a semester?

If you need to withdraw from your graduate program for a semester or longer, you must complete the GRADUATE STUDIES WITHDRAWAL FORM available in the Graduate Admissions Office or at

If I have withdrawn from my graduate program for a semester or longer, how do I get reinstated in my graduate program?

Reinstatement in a graduate program varies by degree program. Please contact the Director of your degree program and /or the WVWC Graduate Catalog for requirements.


FAQs for Newly Admitted Students

I just received my letter of acceptance.  Now what do I do?

The first step, after acceptance, is to pay the graduate enrollment deposit ($200 if a domestic student; $500 if an international student). You may pay by check, by mail or in person, by cash in person, or credit card by phone (304-473-8520) or in person.

Why do I need to make a deposit (graduate enrollment) as soon as possible?

The deposit notifies us that you have, in fact, accepted admittance to the WVWC graduate program of your choice and we are able to reserve space in the program for you.  This deposit and notification allows us to assign you a WVWC ID number, obtain a WVWC email address, enter you into Wesleyan learning management and other software programs, and most importantly pre-register you for your first graduate classes.

How do I find out my tuition and fees for my first semester?

Once you have deposited and your graduate advisor has pre-registered you for your first semester, you may see your bill in our system called WEBADVISOR.


Web Advisor is a West Virginia Wesleyan College Web interface that allows student access to grades and other academic information.  With Web Advisor, you will:

  • View and pay your student account online
  • View your class schedule
  • View current and past grades
  • View your unofficial transcripts
  • View your financial aid, if applicable
  • Pre-Register for classes
  • Order textbooks online, if applicable

Once you have deposited you will be sent an Information Packet for New Graduate Students which will have all the information you need to navigate WEBADVISOR, as well as your username and initial password.

How can I pay my tuition?

The fastest way to pay your tuition is online with WEBADVISOR.  For directions on the online payment process, go to  You can also pay in person with check, cash or credit card (MC, Visa, AX, or Discover) at the Student Accounts Office or by calling the Student Accounts Office at 1-800-704-4078 or 304 473-8453 with your credit card information.

Can I pay on an installment plan?

Yes.  We have a 10 month Budget Payment Plan that is available for all students.  To create a Budget Payment Plan for yourself, you will need to visit the Office of Student Accounts, or call Keith Nichols, Director of Student Accounts at 304.463.8438.

How do I get my Wesleyan email account?

Once you have deposited, WVWC Computing Services will create an email account for you. The Associate Director of Transfer and Graduate Enrollment will send you the Information Packet for New Graduate Students to the email account you specified in your application This packet will include your WVWC user name and your initial password, as well as your WVWC ID number, sometimes referred to as your DATATEL number. In addition, this packet explains how to access your email from both on and off campus.

What is a WVWC Username?

Your WVWC Username is what you will use to log in to WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and your Wesleyan email account.   This Username will be generated for you by Computing Services and will be emailed to you in the Information Packet for New Graduate Students by the Associate Director of Transfer and Graduate Enrollment after you have deposited. 

How do I change my password(s)?

Your initial password will be generated for you by Computing Services.  After you log in to a Wesleyan portal once (WebAdvisor, Blackboard, or your Wesleyan email), you will be able to change your password to one of your choice.  The password that you choose will then be the password for all other Wesleyan portals.  You can also change your password by going to and clicking on the “Change My Password” link in the Help Desk Quick Links section found on the lower portion of the page.  Once on the password change utility page, enter “” (no quote marks) in the Domain field.  Enter your Username in the Account field.  Enter the current password in the Old Password field.  Enter the password that you want in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.  Click “Ok” to save your settings.  You should receive a message stating that the new password was changed successfully.    

Do I need an ID card? How do I get an ID card?

If you are taking traditional face-to-face classes here on campus or are planning on ever using our library system, yes, you will need an ID card.  If you are taking ONLY online courses and are not planning on being on campus or ever accessing our library system, you will not need an ID card.  To get an ID card, go to the Office of Student Development on the second floor of Benedum Campus Community Center between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or during Registration the day before classes commence. Other times can be arranged by appointment.

Where do I park? Do I need a parking sticker?

All students, faculty, staff, or other employees of the College who park in College owned lots at any time are required to register their motor vehicle on campus by purchasing a numbered parking decal or “hang tag.”  The hang tag must be displayed from the inside rearview mirror at all times while the vehicle is parked on campus, even in a loading/unloading zone.  To purchase a “hang tag,” fill out the form found at and return it to the Student Accounts office.  There are 14 parking lots on campus.  For a list of these, and the restrictive qualities of each, please see the Graduate Catalog, available by clicking here.

How do I get a library account?

When you get your Wesleyan ID card, your library account will be embedded on the back of the card in a bar code, called the “P” number.  Your Wesleyan ID will be scanned each time you check out resources from Wesleyan’s library, and you will need this number when you access the library website remotely. 

What is Pre-registration as opposed to Registration?

Pre-registration is a process that allows the College to determine how many students are interested in upcoming classes and if more sections of particular classes are needed.  Students will pre-register for classes during a specified time during the semester preceding the one for which they are enrolling in classes, and then MUST complete registration during another a specified time before or as classes begin.  Specific instructions on how to complete pre-registration and registration are emailed or otherwise communicated to all graduate students each semester.

Is a computer required? If so, is a MAC or PC preferred?

All Wesleyan graduate students are required to have a computer. Some graduate programs may require a laptop. Speak to your specific program director for your program’s requirements. 

What is considered full-time status for graduate students?

To be considered full-time, graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours a semester.

Are graduate students eligible for financial aid?

Various financial aid opportunities are available for graduate students including federal and private loans. Many companies, embassies and agencies directly reimburse students for their educational expenses upon successful completion of courses. In these situations the student is responsible for paying the tuition bill at the beginning of the term or selecting another payment option. For further information, contact WVWC’s Financial Aid Office at 800.343.2374 or visit

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