Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Mission of the Teacher Education Unit

West Virginia Wesleyan College seeks to prepare graduates who are knowledgeable of lessons from the past, aware of demands of the present, and prepared to creatively face the challenges of a changing global community. Wesleyan seeks to assist teacher candidates to identify career goals and to develop a broad background in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to become successful classroom teachers.

Upon completion of the teacher education program, candidates will be knowledgeable in all aspects of teaching and demonstrate the effective use of active learning in the classroom. Candidates will consciously make effective empirical and data based classroom decisions, reflect upon their impact, and modify instruction and practice for the future.Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to adapt instruction to the cultural and social contexts of the school community and provide for individual differences and diversity. Candidates must be able to design instruction and learning activities based upon contemporary research, theories, and best practice. Personal, ethical, and professional roles of teachers are identified and nurtured through coursework and experiences. Candidates must possess the personal dispositions necessary to be successful teachers - initiative, responsibility, emotional maturity, being a positive role model, a sincere concern for students, ability to collaborate with colleagues, professional commitment, and reflective evaluation of one's own dispositions and decisions.

Content knowledge is a prerequisite for teaching. Through a comprehensive study in one's teaching field, the development of effective teaching strategies, and the desire to exhibit recognized qualities of a professional, the candidate becomes a viable practitioner.

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