The internship process:

  1. Talk with a faculty member or the Director of the School of Business to explore options for internships. 

  2. You need to approach an internship search as you would any other type of job search. An internship is actually a short-term job with a specific learning agenda. 

  3. Identify a potential internship opportunity via:
    • Academic & Career Center Directory
    • Learning Contract Database available in the A & CC
    • Internship directories available in the A & CC Library
    • Internet resources
    • Personal Networking
    • Faculty Referrals
    • The Washington Center For Internships
    • Alumni referral system
  4. You must be a student with sophomore standing and a 2.25 GPA

  5. You are responsible for identifying a faculty member to serve as faculty sponsor for your Application for Individualized Instruction. This person will guide you in developing a document that will help you acquire valuable career-building experience.

  6. The total number of semester hours of individualized instruction credit that may apply toward graduation is fifteen.

  7. A ratio of 35 - 40 hours of effort for each hour of academic credit granted is required for all internships.

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Individualized Instruction/Internship documents:

Business Administration and Economic Learning Objectives

Undergraduate Internship Packet

Graduate Internship Packet

Internship Evaluation Form - Students

Internship Evaluation Form - Supervisor

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