Full-time tuition entitles a student to register for a maximum of 17 credit hours per semester. A normal load is 15 hours; the minimum full-time load is 12 hours. Students who wish to enroll in more than 17 hours in a semester (or seven hours in any one summer term) must have sophomore standing, a minimum grade point average of 2.75, and the approval of the Dean of the College. An overload fee is charged. The Admission and Academic Standing Council may require a student to take a lighter course load.


All students must register at the beginning of each semester or summer term by the official deadline published in the College calendar. A charge will be made for failure to register on the date designated for registration.

Students in residence during any semester or summer term are urged to preregister for the ensuing semester and/or summer term on dates designated.


Students may change their registration for courses in accordance with College policies within the first five days of classes in any semester or within the first two days of classes of any summer term or January Term—the "add/drop period." Courses dropped within these time periods will not appear on the student's permanent academic record. No semester-long courses may be added to a student's schedule after these time periods. Eligibility to add or drop courses may be limited by specific academic policies.


A student will be permitted to withdraw from a course only during the period designated in the academic calendar. Unless otherwise specified, the final date for withdrawal from a course of less than a semester's duration will be the midpoint of that course. In order to withdraw from a course, a student must complete the withdrawal form available in the Office of the Registrar and in the Advising and Career Center.

If the student is granted permission to withdraw, a W (Withdrawal) is entered on the record. If a student discontinues a course after the specified date for withdrawal and/or without permission of the Dean of the College, FW (Failure, Irregular Withdrawal) is entered on the record.


A course is subject to cancellation when fewer than six students are enrolled in it. The College reserves the right to cancel the course as late as the end of the schedule change period each term. Every effort will be made to work with students regarding program planning and placement in appropriate alternative courses.


A person desiring to audit a course must obtain permission from the Dean of the College, register as an auditor, and pay the auditor's fee for the course. A full-time student may audit a course without having to pay the audit fee if the credit hours normally granted for the audited course would not create an overload, were they earned credits.

Auditors take no examinations, submit no written work, do no laboratory work, and receive no credit for courses audited.


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