Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice (LEAP)

Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice (LEAP)


Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice (LEAP) seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the college and community. LEAP accomplishes its mission through education, development, and training in a series of sessions and activities on the West Virginia Wesleyan College campus. Students will develop a personal leadership model grounded in theory and research aligned with the mission of West Virginia Wesleyan College.


Program Details

This is a three-tiered program where students learn about individual life skills, practice leadership in a group setting, and create a personal leadership model and legacy. The Bronze and Silver Level sessions are taught by faculty, alumni and community members. Both levels require students to attend three elective sessions and three required sessions. The Gold Level requires students to apply their knowledge gleaned from the program. Students design and complete a project or improve an existing project for a student organization, co-curricular/ curricular department or non- profit agency. Using skills learned through the LEAP program, students will create a detailed proposal which articulates their objectives for the project. LEAP helps students build a strong foundation of leadership skills and awards them with a co-curricular certificate when completing each level.


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To learn more and sign up for the LEAP program, contact Jessica Vincent in the Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development or send her an e-mail at vincent_j@wvwc.edu.

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